Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Will my child ever start school?

So Stella did not start school yesterday due to the (sorry to get graphic) diarrea that she's been having off and on since last Wednesday. The school has a rule that you can't come if you've had the big D in the last 24 hours. We talked to a nurse last week that assured us that it's not contagious, that these sort of germs are in the air everywhere, just walking outside you're exposed to them, and she could be around other young children, just don't let them drink after her. So if you've been around Stella lately, don't worry, your child is not in danger. We finally went in to see the Dr. this morning because it hasn't been getting better and she reiterated it was not contagious. They also ordered me to collect ungodly amounts of poop and take them to the lab. Which Tim collected for me because the mere thought of it had me running for the bathroom. I did drop it off, though. That was sort of gross and weird, walking around with a bag full of tiny little vials of poop. The things we do for our children!

So she's still got the tummy troubles and I'm faced with her probably not going to school again tomorrow. The mere thought of it depresses me. In fact, it made me sob Monday night when I realized she couldn't go. On top of this, I actually have to find time to drive over there and drop off our September tuition. And I need to do it without Stella because can you imagine how upset she would be if we showed up there and she didn't get to go?

I feel a wee bit responsible for the sickness hanging around so long. Other people who shall not be named disagree that children should not have milk when they have the sickness. So these other people have been allowing her to have milk, convincing me to give her milk when I feel she shouldn't. Doctor told me today she should be drinking soy milk, NOT cow's milk. Also, I sort of forgot she's supposed to be having only starchy foods and she had Mexican Monday for lunch. And she stayed with her grandparents twice this weekend and they gave her sausage Friday night and gulp, pickled bologna Sunday night.

This post is totally gross. I'm sorry. In summation, I want my child to go to school, I am scared she's going to be light-years behind and have no friends by the time she gets to go, and that we will both go crazy because she wants play time and I want alone time.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry that Stella's sick and that she's missing school. She'll fit right in when she's cleared to be there.

Seriously, pickled bologna? My father cannot be trusted. No child should eat that. No person should eat that. =)

Tim said...

Yes, but unfortunately it sounds like he has a convert. Apparently she tried to eat the last piece and dad wouldn't let her. She told him there was another package in the fridge, and he said that it came from Michigan. She told him to get Gigi to bring some more.

Apparently she REALLY liked it.