Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Baby Dream!

So I had my first baby dream last night, the first of many I'm sure. I had the baby, although I couldn't remember anything about giving birth, which I was sad about, because it had happened so fast (that sounds nice!). It was a boy and he was really tiny and very skinny. He had very light brown hair and blue eyes (all babies have blue eyes of course). I was rocking him in his infant carrier, and then he started to get fussy, so I picked him up. Then my Dad said, "woah, that baby is ripe!" So I went to change him, but couldn't remember how. Which is ridiculous because Stella's still in diapers! And then I lost him. That always happens in pregnancy dreams. The baby disappears. The baby had really sharp angular features and pretty much looked just the ultrasound. So funny! I woke up with that "let's get this pregnancy on the road" feeling as well as a bit of sadness that always follows dreams in which you "meet" the baby, even though it's really going to be at least 6 months before I do in real life!

Also, Marisol's opening Thursday went fabulous, way better than it had any right to since it was our first full run-through with tech! Yes, that's right. We struggled and got mostly through a cue to cue Wednesday night before they finally let the actors go at midnight. So Thursday was our first run with tech. But I have to tell you, our techies ROCK, as do the actors for dealing so easily with it. There were a couple of miniscule problems, but nothing major. Last night went pretty much perfectly, except that the phone broke at one point and so I skipped some lines where I was supposed to use it. Nothing plot shattering, but I wasn't going to talk on an obviously broken phone! I felt like I was "off" last night, but everyone said it was great, and Tim thought I was awesome:) Last night I was like, "keep stroking my ego, I never get tired of it!" So please come see Marisol, it's a really great show and you won't walk away disappointed. Details follow. One thing the press release doesn't mention, to my great dismay, is that this show is FUNNY! It's very black humor, but it is hilarious, trust me. Thursday night they were rolling in the aisles, last night they were quite a bit quieter (Tim said he felt sort of weird because he kept laughing), but I can guarantee that as long as you can appreciate a bit of twisted humor, you will laugh.

The vestige group to produce José Rivera's award winning Marisol

AUSTIN, Texas, July 8, 2008 - The vestige group, a local non-profit theatre company, will open MARISOL by Jose Rivera, on Thursday, September 18th at 8 p.m. at The Off-Center. An angelic revolt, urban chaos, social disorder and personal struggle all figure prominently in José Rivera's 1991 drama Marisol.
The millennium approaches. There is Armageddon in Heaven and an Apocalypse on Earth. God has become senile and the angels revolt, leaving humans to fend for themselves. Without her guardian angel, Marisol ~ an Everywoman ~ struggles to live her life with some sense of normalcy. In the face of imminent cosmological disaster, she manages to find compassion, courage, love, and humanity and in the end, her own sense of redemption.
Jose Rivera is one of our most celebrated Hispanic playwrights and MARISOL has been called "the Roman Catholic Angels in America." Rivera has won two Obie Awards for playwriting, a Kennedy Center Fund for New American plays Grant, a Fulbright Arts Fellowship in playwriting, the Whiting Writers' Award, a McKnight Fellowship, the 2005 Norman Lear Writing Award, a 2005 Impact Award and a Berilla Kerr Playwriting Award.

Full Run Dates: Thursday through Saturday: September 18th – 20th and 25th – 27th at 8 pm Sundays: September 21st and 28th at 3 pm Performances are $15-25 dollars. Thursday performances are "pay-as-you wish."

For mature audiences only. Show contains adult content, situations and language.

For more information on tickets, go to or

MARISOL is directed by Susie Gidseg and Jen Brown. The play features Emily Pate, Julie Winston Thomas, Andrew Varenhorst, Bastion Carboni, Dawnica Mathis and Jenny Keto.


Kate said...

How fun to have "met" the baby, even if just in your dream.

I'm so happy that the show is going so well!

Michael said...

Julie, thanks for your work in Marisol. I ran across your blog with the comments on opening night, and I've taken the liberty of putting a link after the review of that performance posted at Austin Live Theatre. I'm not generating a whole lot of traffic yet, although word seems to have percolated around the theatre community in Austin. Let me know if you'd prefer not to give folks access to your charming blog. Best to you!