Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stella survived, but she didn't sleep!

So Stella apparently had a great first day. She apparently was really great with the other kids and she helped clean up. Unfortunately, she didn't sleep at nap time. She kept rubbing against her plastic mat and making a lot of noise, the teacher took it away and she laid on the carpet. Eventually they gave her books to read. She must not have been too disturbing, because when I walked in to get her, there were two other little girls lying right beside her fast asleep. She said she wanted to take a nap when she got home, but she may just be too wound up. She's in her room singing right now. Not a good sign for a nap. Oh, well, I'm inclined to just let her work it out rather than fight it. She'll konk out when we go to pick up Tim at 5:30 for sure.

Apparently today they learned to be helpers and Stella helped clean up. She also did the cute little handprint seen below:

The teacher said they'll give her this week and next to see how the nap goes, and if she doesn't wind up going for the new nap time, I'll have to pick her up at 12:45:( That makes Mama sad because I sure did enjoy my time today! It wasn't much, but I can get things done so fast when it's just me and I don't need to entertain/involve a two-year-old. I vaccumed, mopped, got some emails sent out and blogging done, and freaked out over a mouse. Yes, that's right. There was a mouse in the house. Actually, there is still a mouse in the house. It is behind the kitchen trashcan, so either a) it got in through the doggy door or b) Punky brought it in. I lean towards the latter. I'm waiting for Tim to get home because Julie don't mess with mice. Tim also had to handle the mouse he discovered when he started to step into the shower Sunday night. It looks like the same mouse. We put that one out in the field behind our house, but I really hope Punky has not discovered a new past time.

Yeah, Stella sounds to be asleep! I almost feel guilty about how little I'm going to be playing Mommy today:)

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Kate said...

I can't sleep when I'm excited, either. Not that that means anything. =)

I'm glad that things went well and you got some time to work without constant interruption.