Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girl, stop growing!

Yesterday morning it was a bit nippy in these parts, so Tim dressed Stella in her jeans for school. She hadn't worn them in quite a while, obviously, because of summer, and he mentioned they were "sort of tight". Well when I went to pick her up, her teacher said that she hadn't buttoned them because they were so tight. Oops! She said it was time to go shopping for new jeans. Obviously. I naively had thought that Stella would be able to make it one more winter in her 3T pants. Ha! So I guess next on our agenda is getting that girl some 4T pants. Eek! Sometimes I am really jealous of those parents with more petite offspring. I hear them talking about how their kids wear the same clothes for months and months. Not so with my little Giraffe!

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Kate said...

I remember always growing after the beginning of the school year so my pants were always too short. Poor monkey in her too tiny pants!