Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy Cannoli!

So I'm officially in storm watching mode. I'm watching CNN and I cannot believe how the water is already crashing over the seawall in Galveston and the hurricane is not even there yet! I hope anybody who is left there is making plans to leave. I think I'm so hypnotized by the scenes from Galveston because it's a town I'm so familiar with. I've been there twice this summer. I went there all the time as a kid. My thoughts and prayers are with the people all along the coast and my loads of family and friends in Houston and East Texas, riding it out with their water and their canned food and their weather radios. And if you are my brother: beer. Because my brother knows the best way to pass time, God bless him!
Some of my earliest memories as a wee little lass are of Alicia, waiting out the storm with no electricity for several days with my family and watching huge pine trees sway in the wind. In H-town, hurricanes are just a way of life. I really admire officials for having
the courage to tell folks to wait it out so that those on the coast who really needed to leave for higher ground could get there. Like my friends Paul and Racheal and their little ones who live in Clear Lake. Hopefully they are safe and sound with relatives away from the devastation and they didn't have to spend a day and a half in the car just to get across town like in Rita.
BTW, this is probably the first and last time that I will say I admire Rick Perry, so enjoy it!
Well, MY wee little lass is awake, so I'd better go!


kel said...

I saw on the weather channel that they issued a "certain death" warning to people who chose to stay in certain parts of Galveston. That is some scary stuff.

Kate said...

Have you heard from your friends in Clear Lake yet? We're hoping nothing too bad happened to them, although no power with little ones sounds like a nightmare in itself.