Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ignoring the Children

I love this picture from Retro Renovation, it totally cracks me up.

Mom jabbering away on the phone while her children eat all of the cake batter. (That's a lot of left over batter. Is that why the cake in the background appears to have a giant piece missing? Or did she feed them a slice of cake and THEN let them eat the cake batter? Who just lets the cake batter sit around while they cook the cake anyway?) I especially love John Jr. (doesn't he look like JFK Jr.?) balancing precariously on the counter. I just noticed it looks like she actually put a bib on John John before she set him up there. So she's aware of what they're doing! I figure she's calling her friend Jane to come over and later they'll drink a couple of martinis and smoke a pack of cigarettes while they send John John and Chatty Kathy out in the backyard to run off the sugar and play with sharp pointy sticks.* Ah, the good old days.

Oh, on closer inspection I don't think that is a bib, but he's wearing a shirt under overalls. So maybe Mom is as oblivious as she looks like she is. I feel like her some days, especially when I blog or surf the internet and figure as long as Stella is quiet or babbling happily, no need to check. No news is good news right? Contrast this with some of the Moms in my mom's group who, at least from their posts, sound like they are spending all day dancing to children's music with their child, building forts, and crafting organic toys. I'm having a second child to be playmate to my first, duh:)

*By the way, I HIGHLY endorse playing with sticks. Stella can turn them into about a 1,000 different things and there was actually a study done showing that an important part of children's thinking is not developing properly these days because they don't do imaginative play enough.


Anna said...

So, are the martinis at your place or mine? :)

And I totally agree that sticks cannot be recommended highly enough as toys.

kel said...

I assumed they were eating leftover frosting rather than batter. :) That's far more acceptable, don't you think?

Mindy said...

I'm personally more woriied about the mixer. I'm a reasonably coordinated adult, and I still hurt myself on mine. We're talking major loss of digits. Oh, what if they try to lick the beater? ::gasp::