Wednesday, September 10, 2008

People and the Weather!

I get so annoyed at people and their paranoia about the weather! My cousin's little boy is having his 2nd birthday party Saturday morning about an hour north of here, but I had rehearsal. I have spent the last week and a half trying to get that rehearsal moved. Finally, success! So I call my Aunt today to RSVP and she says my cousin is thinking about cancelling the party because of Ike. What?! The party is in Temple, for Pete's sake. The coast is 5 hours away! Apparently he's going to decide tomorrow, too, because why not change all your plans two days in advance when nothing may happen anyway. Sigh. I mean, yes, it if winds up flooding between New Braunfels (where he lives) and Temple on Saturday morning, fine, the party may need to be cancelled. Maybe my Aunt will have to waste a few hot dog buns and freeze some hotdogs. Maybe, gasp, some cake may not even get eaten! But what is the point of cancelling in advance? It's just stinky. Stinky, stinky.

So now I probably won't get to go to the party I went through much finangling to get to go to, and my evening, which I could spend with my SIL and BIL Christine and Brian who will be in town is messed up because the rehearsal is now 4-7. Dammit!

Also, my grandparents are driving my parents crazy about Ike as well, even though it's slated to not hit anywhere near them. My parents are at their ranch in the middle of nowhere and have no way of really tracking the storm, so this makes them have to call my Aunt and Uncle to find out what's really up. I wish they'd just called me because I don't worry about anything:) Well, at least not hurricanes that are hitting 4 hours away. I ain't afraid of no rain!

But Ike, I'm telling you, don't you be battering the coast like you battered Tina Turner, you hear?

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Tara said...

My dad in Houston is being a bit terrible too. He called me an hour ago to tell me I needed to stock up on food/water/charcoal (for the grill) in case we lose power this weekend. He also offered the suggestion that we could just pack up all the cats and drive to Dallas with them.

I wonder if it's possible that Ike will make it to San Antonio as a Cat2 hurricane. That seems crazy to me, and I know it would F-up a lot of stuff for a lot of people... but I'm kind of curious to see if it can really happen, and what that would do to my Austin weather.