Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Side Effect of Mother's Day Out

So this is something I had not even thought of happening, but my mere two days of 5 hours away from Stella make me much more excited to see her and patient around her the other 5 days! I find myself much more likely to sit down and play with her or to weather her whines much better because I've had that breathing room for her. Although I have to say I am NOT digging all the extra time spent in the car. It will get slightly better once rehearsal is over because I can pick Tim up a little later and avoid some of rush hour, but right now I spend an hour and a half in the car each morning, then about 30 minutes mid-day picking Stella up and then an hour to an hour 15 in the evening picking Tim up, then another 25-30 in the car going to and fro rehearsal. So that totals almost 4 hours a day. Not counting time spent running errands if I do something like that! It's probably about to get worse since she's not napping and after this week, they're going to make me pick her up at 12:45 instead of 2. So I must say I am wishing we had a second car right now. But the inconvenience is definitely not worth trying to find the money for a second car payment! If we won one for free, that'd be great though! HA!

Yesterday we were really happy to get some "refugees" from Houston: Kate and Ryan! Yay! They already returned home, but while they were here we were happy to share our A/C, clean sheets, washer and dryer, television and internet with them. AND they treated us to a great Mexican dinner at Polvo's! Ms. Tilly got a haircut and they are almost back home hopefully to electricity. We were only sad that Tim's other sisters couldn't make it out too due to flooding:( I hope everyone's A/C is on quickly!


Anonymous said...

I could drive her and you could ride the bus to pick her up. Then you'd only have a single bus trip.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for having us! We returned feeling human and were able to make it another 24+ hours without power. Tilly is still resting after playing with Lucy. And she's very, very happy with the haircut. Next time I'll do it before.

I/we love you so very much!