Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 Months!

Etta, you turned 10 months old today. It is hard to believe that in that time you've gone from this:

To this:

My tiny little baby is growing up, only 2 months away from turning 1! Of course, you also get more fun every day and are in that stage where I'm reminded WHY I have children. You and your sister now play together on your own. Just wander off and I'm like, "where are the children?" and I'll go look for you and there you are in your room or Stella's room just playing together as happy as can be.
You worship your sister. Oh my goodness, I know you love me and I love you, but I will never be the recipient of the type of love I see in your eyes that you hold for Stella. She is your teacher, your buddy, your idol. It's an amazing relationship already.
Some wonderful and fun things you have been doing lately:

1/12/10: Etta pulls up in her crib! I went into her room because she was crying and not sleeping at nap time and she was standing up! I went to try and help her down and she fell down, stiff as a board, and nearly bonked her head on the backside of the crib!

1/13/10: Etta waved hi to me twice when I was putting her in the car after Stella's ballet class! Then she waved to her sister!

1/13/10: Etta pulled up to standing on the bathtub twice!

1/14/10: I love how when Etta wants you to pick her up, she'll crawl over to you, get on her knees and tug on your pant leg. She looks up at you with the most adorable expression:)

1/18/10: Etta was standing at a chair in the kitchen and she sat back down on her bottom without falling!

1/20/10: You're 10 months today! I love how when you're eating, you'll pick up a piece of food, tap my palm (or your sister's) with it, and then put it in your mouth. Almost like you're saying “cheers!”

You also are getting a "Buddha belly". It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And no wonder since I think you only ever stop eating out of sheer exhaustion!

You change every day and it's an amazing process that I feel like I am enjoying and savoring far more this time. Thanks for being my little "Etta-bird".