Friday, August 29, 2008

I Heart Obama and Damn You McCain!

So Obama finally won me over last night with his speech at the Democratic National Convention. I'd planned to vote for him, of course, ever since he won the nomination over Hillary, but I'd never really liked him. I thought he was all flash and no substance without enough experience and his followers did nothing but piss me off. But I sort of made myself watch his speech last night (plus Tim REALLY likes him and wanted to watch it), hoping that he'd have something substantive to offer. It was a fantastic speech, one of the best I've seen in a long time, certainly up there behind another great Democratic speaker, King Bill (Clinton, of course). He touched on all the crap the administration had screwed up for the last 8 years, he enumerated why we as Democrats are different and what we stand for, a world where people look out for each other, and he related how he was going to fix things. I loved the fact he touched so heavily on education, that the US is a place where everyone deserves a good education. I loved the fact that he talked about women's rights and how we all have to work for the common good, and how we are failing our nation's soldiers and veterans. I also loved that he touched on what our differences are and how we can work to gain common ground (ex: EVERYONE can agree on reducing unwanted pregnancies whether we are pro-choice or don't support a woman's right to choose.) Damn, it was an awesome speech. I still have the same concerns about his experience and whether there are too many racists in this country for him to win, but I hope that I am wrong.
McCain, on the other hand, pissed me off yet again today. He nominated a woman as Veep! What a sly move, you ole' fox. My only hope is that people will see that she has even less experience than Obama (or most local city council members for that matter), and that even if she can shoot, hunt, and win beauty pageants she doesn't have the qualities needed for V.P. And if all that fails, I'm relying on the sexist shadows of the Republican party that believe a woman's place is in the kitchen and the nursery and not public office to keep Republicans away from the polls. I'll just keep my fingers crossed it all blows up in his face. Because, ladies, if you really think that McCain has your best interests in heart just because he nominated a woman as his running mate, dig a little deeper at the Republican platform. They need women on their side so badly, you can smell the desperation. If he really wanted a chance at success, he should have gotten Kay Bailey. Thank God he didn't, because with a female southerner, we might really be screwed as Dems. Nice to see though that he felt the need to play the minority card. Good luck pandering, boys.

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yer mama said...

I almost fell of the couch when Obama said the word abortion. I love the context in which he used it. It was certainly an awesome speech and helped me feel less guilty for not voting for Hillary. I had some serious female guilt associated with that decision. Watching the convention gave me the inspiration I sorely needed.