Thursday, September 18, 2008

BabyBean Pics!

So we had an ultrasound of the new baby today and everything looks great! It makes it feel a lot more real for both of us to see there's an actual baby in there. I have been so totally the opposite of obsessed with being pregnant this time. I forget quite frequently that I am pregnant, especially now that I don't have nausea anymore (yes!). And I'm bopping around, moving stuff in the show, staying up really late for tech week, and hefting around Stella like I'm totally not pregnant. But I am. And the baby has two arms, two legs, two eyes, one nose, one mouth, a heartbeat of 150 bpm, a bladder, and a stomach. And a small neuchal fold (I think that's what she said). So if there is any elevated risk of down syndrome, the tech said it doesn't show in the ultrasound, although they have to wait and put it with the blood work to get the accurate number, of course. But I'm confident everything will be great, the baby looks perfect!

Unfortunately, still no clue what the sex is, it's too early. We'll find out in another 7 and a half weeks or so when I'm 20 weeks and have the BIG ultrasound!

And yes, my show opens tonight. Holy mother of God!


Kate said...

I'm so excited about my new niece/nephew! I'm very glad that you're feeling better. Have a great time tonight!

Anna said...

Hi there baby! Nice to meet you!

Susan said...

Stella's Baba can't wait to meet little bean!