Friday, June 29, 2007

NOt to sound like a broken record, but...

I am tired. Dog tired. I didn't get up and go to my Great Aunt's burial in Temple this morning because I was awake from 2am to 5am coughing. Stella still is on her no nap kick, although she apparently took a half hour one at her grandparent's this morning while I went to Weight Watchers. I guess they have the magic touch. In good news, I lost 4 pounds this past week, so I'm up to 9.6 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Yes! Of course, the online thing said I should retabulate my allowed points and now I'm allowed one less per day. Which sucks. And I discovered AFTER I drank it that a tall mocha is 4 points. So I will probably eat a salad for dinner.

Well, sounds like Stella still does not want to nap. This is attempt number 4 today. If anybody has any advice, please bring it on, I am all ears, this is horrible!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This House Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

I love Stella and she loves me, but I think we're getting a bit sick of each other. Because of the weather (mostly stormy and rainy, we've been under a flash flood watch all week), and our shared sickness (snotty with some dazed light headed-ness), we haven't left the house much. And to make things even more exciting, Stella chose this week to give up her morning nap. So she's down to one nap, kind of mid-dayish, at least for yesterday and today, which means she's fussy late in the morning and fussy late in the afternoon. Really, let's just call it what it is: Stella is a Festival of Fussiness this week.

Festival of Fussiness is mercifully asleep right now. We've got a showing at 2, so I've got the house all sparkly (well as sparkly as I can be bothered to get it these days). Your enthusiasm for showing off your house declines as the house is on the market longer and longer. I still don't feel like it's been that long, 3 and a half weeks, but I think our real estate agent is getting antsy. He said we should give it "another week" and then think about dropping the price. I totally feel like I am in an episode of Buy Me. Drop the price? Wha? I don't wanna' do that! Especially since he himself said that no one has said a WORD about the price. But enough about my real estate woes.

We got the scripts for Little Murders from Samuel French today! They are Real Scripts, like the type I used in high school plays, as opposed to copies that we usually use because we write our own scripts. It feels like we are going to do Real Theatre. Not that we haven't been doing Real Theatre for the past 9 years, but hopefully you know what I mean. This also gives me a chance to vent about people who don't pay royalties. You Know Who You Are. As a writer, I think that it is morally reprehensible that you would put on a play, which you are going to make money off of, and not pay the writer of the piece you are doing. Just despicable. I hope you are found out and Samuel French puts you in a special jail where you are on display for writers to write about your disgusting self and your empty soul. Like the nudes in art classes.

Well, enough fantasy punishment, Stella's cries are getting loud enough for me to hear them all the way in the office, so I better get her up. She made an hour nap today. Whee!

Restaurant Meme

Kelli tagged me for this one and dammit, even though my child is pulling every book off the shelf and we could have a showing any minute, I'm going to do it. I cannot resist being tagged!

Here are the rules of this meme:
1. Link to name of person that tagged you.
2. Include state and country you live in.
3. List top 5 favorite local restaurants.
4. Tag 5 other people and let them know they’ve been tagged.

I live in Austin, Texas, USA, ya'll! When I moved to Austin to start college, I noticed that there is a plethora of locally owned restaurants. So Tim and I pledged to try and forgo the chain restaurants in favor of eating locally. We usually succeed, except for fast food, although we try to get P. Terry's whenever feasible.

1. Hill's Cafe. The best country-fried steak EVER! Plus they have Shiner on tap (actually they had a Hefefeisen on tap last time I went which is even better), and DE-licious yeast rolls and sour cream butter. They used to have great cornbread, but sadly got rid of it several years ago. They also have fantastic steaks and barbecue.

2. Kerbey Lane. My favorite are the pancakes. No the Paris, Texas Platter which has migas and french toast. No the omelets. No the salads. I just can't decide! So Austin, complete with waitresses so tattooed that they shocked my mother, and open 24 hours a day, 8 days a week, 365 days a year!

3. Thai Passion. Love that Tai! Don't get there much anymore these days, but when I worked downtown, it was a favorite for whole office lunches.

4. Sarovar. Yummy Indian food. You can pick the level of spice you want, which they usually get right. Although I did "medium" when I was 8.5 months pregnant with Stella and I thought I was going to die they got it so hot. It was hotter than Tim's "hot"! I had the worst heartburn of my life, although it just proves that spicy things do not necessarily bring on labor.

5. Freddie's. The best burgers in town, which you can enjoy under the trees on their beautiful S. 1st patio. Also have $2 Lone Star Tall Boys, which makes it even better!

Special Local Fast Food Honorable Mention:
P. Terry's: Healthy, delicious fast food on Lamar near Barton Springs. Great lemonade too!
Dan's Hamburgers: Only take cash, which stinks, always crowded, but the best greasy burger and fries you ever tasted. Plus great shakes and malts! First had them as a child when we came here for vacation and have loved them ever since.

I tag Tim, Ashley, Tara, Erin, and Marsha because it's been too long since she posted!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No Sleep til' Brooklyn!

Fussy McFusserstein herself

So my wonderful sleeper, Stella, has decided not to nap anymore. I read this isn't too odd since there are so many exciting things going on which napping takes time away from, but it doesn't really make it any easier to deal with. She's full tilt walking now and only crawls when she wants to get somewhere she's not supposed to be really fast before I catch her. Yesterday morning, I asked if she was sleepy, she nodded, I asked if she wanted to go to sleep, she nodded, then I put her down and she wouldn't sleep. I tried twice more before we got kicked out of our house for a showing at 4:30, so we went to run errands. Got in the car and she was asleep about one stoplight past our house. Well, I wasn't about to wake her up, so I went to the drive-thru teller at the bank and then just parked in Walmart's parking lot to see how long she slept. She woke up at about 5:15, totally disoriented and grumpy. But at least she slept some.

Then this morning we went through the same routine. Sleepy? Yes. Want to go to sleep? Yes. Okay. Put her in her crib and she was wailing within five minutes. So I eventually got her up. Then tried again after lunch when she FELL ASLEEP WHILE EATING in her highchair, but nope, not going to do it. Then I tried again a little while ago and either she finally fell asleep or she was intrigued enough by the books I left in her crib to be entertained for a while and quiet. I cannot believe this. I also have really bad allergies, so I feel awful, and I really needed her to nap so I could nap myself. Of course, she feels awful too, she's completely full of snot, so I can't be too hard on her.

Speaking of snot, Sunday morning Stella sneezed and this giant long piece of mucus was hanging from her nose. It was probably 3 or 4 inches long. I put my hand under it while I frantically ran to get a tissue. But it slid off, down my leg and plopped onto the floor. It was so disgusting. I'm just glad I hadn't taken a shower yet. I tell you, sometimes I agree with Mindy that snot is worse than poop.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

We've got slab!

Ain't she a beaut. Yep, that may just look like a big piece of concrete, but it is not only a big piece of concrete and the place where our new house will eventually stand, it represents a renewal in our hope and excitement about the New House. We met another neighbor yesterday, Justin and Angela, a young couple who looked like newlyweds. Reminds me of Tim and I a mere 7 years ago when we first signed the papers to build this house. Sigh. They were excited about the neighborhood, too, but a bit disappointed when we told them that the sales guy had told us our house would be ready in October "to be safe". They'd also told them October. And they signed their contract in May, two months after us. And their lot doesn't have anything yet. But they seemed like nice kids. Hopefully we'll see them again in a few months and have the opportunity to hang out. I have a little utopian dream where in our new neighborhood everyone will talk to each other and hang out and have block parties. That would be cool.

We walked through some other floorplans they were building, including the one that was our first choice for the neighborhood, and were reassured that we'd made the right choice. They were nice, but we just LOVE our floorplan. We walked through the model again and we both wished that our house was at that point. But at least we have a slab!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And it continues

So the tile installers finally showed back up at 2:45 yesterday. Nearly 3 hours to get this hardy backing, supposedly. They were here until 8, but didn't get finished (surprise, surprise). I feel nasty because we can't shower because there are toilets in our tubs. They were supposed to be back at 9 this morning but (once again surprise, surprise), didn't show up until 10:30. After yet another call to Image Tile at 9:30 asking where they were to which the response was that they'd be there in half an hour. NEVER use Image Tile and Carpet. They did our kitchen a few years ago and did a fantastic job but now they suck. Both Tim's parents and we have had a horrible experience. They also tracked mortar onto the carpet, left the door open to let swarms of flies in, and left grubby hand prints on the walls and doors, so I will have to do a ton of repainting after they leave.

I can't believe it, the day we're getting tile installed and we had two people call yesterday afternoon to show the house. Unfortunately, they called my cell phone, which I don't keep on me at home because my home phone is the primary number on the listing. So in the midst of all the craziness, I get a knock on the door and a realtor and a nice little Indian family with a baby about Stella's age want to see the house. I was so embarrassed. I had just fed Stella her snack, so there was food out, her toys were everywhere, the tilers had made a mess, and the place was covered in live flies and dead flies. I mean, I spent all of yesterday afternoon killing flies, I probably killed 40-50 of them. It was disgusting. And this poor family had to walk into it. I bet they won't be coming back. After they left, I checked my voicemail and caught the other realtor before she came by. She said she'd come back today at noon, but when I called her to tell her they were still going to be working, she said that her client had found another house. And so it goes. Sigh. It's weird because my realtor says no one has said anything about the price. Which makes me think it must not be too much. I mean if we had had one comment, I'd feel like I had something to go on. Maybe we just haven't found the right buyer yet. I don't know. Well, hopefully the tile will be a big hit at the weekend of open houses. Keep your fingers crossed!

In Stella news, she's taking a lot more steps. She still prefers to hold on to things if they are there, but she'll take a few steps before she gives up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

For those of you keeping track at home....

My Monday so far:

8am - Get up, get ready, mad dash to get house ready for real estate agent, as well as getting Stella ready
9:10am- Real estate agent and client show up
9:13am - Real estate agent and client leave
9-11am -When tile installers are supposed to show up
11:45am- When Tile installers, one who looks to be 12 and one who looks to be 16 (must be the driver) show up. 12 year-old interpreter asks 16 year old "expert" if tile will be finished today and 12 year old says 16 year old said yes. I also could tell 16 year old expert said yes because he said "si". I tell 12 year old "great!" and 16 year old "gracias". All that middle school, high school and college Spanish is really paying off, folks!
12pm-Tile installers leave because they don't have hardy backing to do tile upstairs, even though it is clearly stated on our invoice.
12:30pm-Our Real estate agent calls to say he wants to do open houses Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this weekend. I say, "great, we'll just abuse Tim's parents more. We practically live there now already."
1:42pm-Tile installers still not back.

Chance of getting tile done today? IMHO, hovering somewhere around 2%, with half a percent taken off each half hour that the tile installers don't return.

A new record

So this real estate agent calls at 8pm while we're out last night and asks if she can show our "property" between 9:15 and 9:30 this morning. I called her back at 10 when we got in and left a message saying that we were having tile installed, so I had to be there. She didn't call me back. So this morning I called her again and she pissily said that yes, she still wanted to show it. Then I asked her when and she turned into a real bitch saying, "I can't look at my schedule, I'm driving and I'm on the other line." Fine beeyotch. So Tim goes into work late to help me get everything ready by nine. So the woman and her client (also a woman), show up at 9:10. Stella and I go out to the deck. They are gone by 9:13. Seriously. They didn't even go upstairs. Apparently something was so heinous about our kitchen that they couldn't even get past it. You think they could have just pretended and run upstairs, stood there for a second, and come back down since I was RIGHT THERE. It was so insulting. I was so pissed that I went to all this trouble for absolutely no reason.

Speaking of tile, the installers were supposed to be here between 9 and 11. I just called at 11:30 to see where the hell they are. They're "running late" and should be here about noon. Great. There is no freaking way this is getting done today. Although they did get in touch with the plumber and he can come out today, so no night without toilets. That is, if they get done. We'll just have to see what happens! I really wish we'd just priced the house lower and sold it as is. Unfortunately, we'd already signed all the paperwork for the higher price before our real estate agent realized we had carpet in our bathrooms. This is all a big ole' PIA!

Rocker Chick

You Are Amy Lee!

Gothy, expressive, woman-in-pain
Who looks damn good in a corset
"When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears"
Got this off Kelli's blog. Somehow I am Amy Lee from that awful band Evervescence or something like that. I guess it's because I said I'd be dark and go to Hot Topic. Whatever.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The theme for this weekend is...Sleepy

Oh my gosh what a tiring (but fun) weekend we are having so far. I'll go ahead and start with Friday morning where I had my Weight Watchers Weigh-In and found that I lost 4.4 pounds! Then Friday night we went to an open house at this cool mid-century modern house that someone had completely redone up in University Hills. It had a beautiful sunken living room, but the weirdest part was that it was like walking into a party. I thought perhaps it was actually invitation only or something. We walked in and they were like, "there's wine and beer in the laundry room, feel free to take a look around and hang out." People were introducing themselves to each other and talking just like at a party. It was most bizaarre. It was a great house, but it had no garage (it had been converted into a 4th bedroom), and the neighborhood was a bit sketchy. Tim and I had gone to check it out since it was a modern house that wasn't outrageously expensive. The guy running the open house was wearing red pants, red shirt and a red tie and was bald with hip black-rimmed glasses. The place was oozing cool. Tim's theory is that they asked all the white hipsters out to show potential house-buyers, "see, this place isn't just full of minorities, look at all us hip people who live here too!" There was even a young pregnant lesbian couple, it was like an ad in Dwell or something.

Then we found out they haven't poured our slab yet (big disappointment). But then Tim's parents and Christine and Brian came over for fajitas and margaritas. Well, Tim's parents didn't drink the margaritas, of course, but us young folk enjoyed them mightily. Brian even had one, despite the fact that the last time he had had a margarita had been the night Stella was born and he'd vomited black. Eew. That boy is such a trooper;) I should mention that Brian was at a party 150 miles away when Stella was born. His wife was here for the birth of her niece and therefore could not keep her husband from imbibing enough margaritas to turn his puke black. Silly boys, they are so lost without us!

Then yesterday we moved Erin, which was super-exhausting. Somehow I was nominated to drive the U-Haul, and it was the most decrepit thing I have ever been behind the wheel of. Its alignment was absolute shit and the wheel was so loosy-goosey you could just move it back and forth while you were driving with no change in your trajectory. But I felt pretty bad-ass for making the move safely. We got beer and pizza afterwards, which made it all better, but the one beer I drank made me so sleepy I was barely able to drive home! We showered and headed over to Tim's parents where Christine made us a delicious dinner of Steak, mushrooms, rice and salad. Oh, well first I actually took a 15 minute power nap because I could barely sit up straight. That helped. Then we went home and watched some TV before I headed out to Nicole's Birthday party. I figured since I was so tired I'd only last an hour or so. But I didn't plan on the fact that like EVERYONE would be there. This was one of those classic theatre parties where you just cannot leave, it's too much fun! I had a blast and got to hang out with people I hadn't seen in way too long. Such a great time. I got home about 1:30, then this morning slept until 10(!) at which point I lept out of bed and was like, "Tim, Tim, get up from your nap on Stella's floor, we have to get things ready before the open house at noon!" So no church again this week, unfortunately. We got most things ready and went over to Tim's parents where we had lunch with the aforementioned folks plus Ryan and Katie who came to town for a couple of hours. Now we're back over here and we were playing with Stella who was walking up a storm, it was awesome. Now she and Tim are taking a nap while I catch up on blogs and do laundry. Crap, laundry, I completely forgot to put Stella's in the dryer until just now. Which probably means she'll be sleeping in some weird get-up tonight since all her pj's won't be dry. Oh well. In an hour and twenty we head over to Anna and Sean's for movie night. It's finally my choice, I can't wait to see what people think of it. Hopefully they'll like it. It's one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid (but it's not a kid's movie). The theme is last meals.

Wow, that was some meanderings. Oh, the house is still on the market, btw. We've only had 3 showings this week plus the open house. Hopefully that went well. Tile's installed tomorrow, that should be LOTS of fun. Especially since the plumber they told me to call to put the toilets back in is gone on vacation until Tuesday. So I may just be peeing in the bathtub. Whoopie!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More random bits

Thanks for all the comments on the Weight Watchers' post. Actually, Kelli and Mindy, you guys were the ones who inspired me to try it! I kept reading about your sucesses, then a neighbor said she'd used it to lose 30 lbs after her youngest was born and I was like, "all right, I'll give it a try!" So far, it is great. I haven't had a weigh-in yet, but my clothes already fit differently. And other than the first 3 days when, as my mother-in-law told me I would, I felt like I was starving to death, I feel satisfied. It's amazing that you can eat anything too, just keep track of the points and don't go over your total. The best part is the 35 points extra they give you a week. With those, there is no way I can feel deprived. In fact, I don't think I'm going to even use them all. My plan is to keep a few extra points on the table each week so that in case I misjudged some portions when I was eating out or something, I'll still be covered. I can't wait until Friday to see how much I've lost. My first goal is 17 lbs, but my overall goal is 35 pounds. Then I would be at the bottom of my healthy BMI range. I started this journey at the top of my healthy BMI range. I can't wait for all my old clothes to fit again, and if I reach my ultimate goal, I'll probably even be able to go a size lower! (I'd be 11 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and back at the weight I was when I met Tim many moons ago). So exciting!

More exciting news; Karen is going to be able to direct Little Murders after all! LGT is doing it in the fall and I have wanted to produce this play since I first bought it from half price books in college and read it. Because I have my own theatre company, I get to play Patsy to boot! And in Karen's hands, this is going to be a fantastic production, especially since LGT is a little flush with cash from Bitten! (don't worry, as unofficial treasurer, I won't let anyone blow the surplus. "Lockbox" is the watchword). It's a challenging role, I'm a bit nervous, but I know Karen will ride my ass until I get it perfect. That's why I love her, she pushes me to be a better actress. And she's so positive while she does it! I do have a concern because Patsy smokes. I mean, she HAS to smoke, it's in the script and her mother is constantly berating her for it. But I think it's just a couple of times she picks up a cigarette and it's not like I have to really smoke the whole thing. And I won't start smoking as a habit again. No way. I have a very sweet little girl who is the biggest reason I will never be a smoker again.

Speaking of Stella, she is being SO sweet today! Super cute and cuddly and fun and giggly. I love days like this. I really needed to run errands, but between the heat and Stella's great mood, I decided to just stay here and roll around on the floor with her.

So our house didn't sell in 2 hours...

This is probably the first of several posts because I never get to post anymore these days. Depends on how long Stella sleeps.

First of all, I was feeling like a failure the last couple of days because our house didn't sell in a week like it seems everyone else in this town. I realize the rest of the country is in a housing slump, so I shouldn't complain, but when you're in a seller's market like we are and all you ever hear about is the realtor whose last two houses sold in a day, or the coworker who listed on Thursday and had a contract on Saturday at noon, or the Holmeses who sold their old pad in 7 days, you get discouraged when yours is on the market for longer than a week. A week and one day to be exact. And then, even though you try not to take it personally, you get insulted when your realtor tells you that a couple of people were more interested in the BIGGER houses for sale in your neighborhood instead of yours. Even though yours is definitely the prettiest on the outside and probably the prettiest on the inside, judging by the paltry horribly taken pictures THEIR realtors have put up on the internet. And you start to think, "well screw you! What's wrong with you that you don't see how fabulous my house is? If all you want is a gigantic ugly box, then go ahead, buy my neighbor's house." I have almost lost track of how many houses are for sale in our neighborhood. There were already three on the market when we listed last week, then another one went up for sale over the weekend and two more yesterday, one in our actual hood and the other in the north side of Overland Park. So I guess that's 7. Wow. Except for the newest one, which is a one story and isn't on the MLS yet so we don't know their stats, all the houses are bigger than ours. So if people think bigger is better, we're screwed. At least, so far, all of them have either ugly or non-existant landscaping. The one we're really worried about is the one that's 300 square feet bigger and only $2400 more than ours. Our agent toured it and said we're priced right in comparison, but it does make you nervous. Although it helps that it has no mature trees, the landscaping the builder put in 6 years ago, mold on the side of the house, is a hideous grey color, AND they have even STRONGER paint choices than us, like a room with cow spots painted all over it. So hopefully they won't be too bad competition for us.

Having people in and out of your house constantly is a tad stressful. Make that EXTREMELY stressful. They're supposed to give you half an hour notice before they come, but even when they do (which is most of the time, they are actually mostly very considerate), that's still not enough time to get all the blinds open, the lights on, the catbox and diaper pails in the garage, and throw the dogs and the baby in the car. Oh, and don't forget to turn down the a/c to poverty-inducing levels , light the candle, and take down the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs like I do quite often. I am usually dripping with sweat by the time we get in the car. We've had 12 showings, plus 15 people at the open house, and we had a realtor's tour today that brought in 7 realtors, so I think we're actually doing well. A few people have shown some serious interest, but they were at the beginning of their house search, so they wanted to look some more. At least, that's what they told our realtor.

It's funny, because we shouldn't be in any hurry whatsoever to get this house sold. They still haven't poured the foundation at our new house (they're supposedly going to do that Friday), and when Tim asked the sales agent for an estimate on completion, he said, "worst case, October." So I really should try to hold onto this house as long as possible, as nice as my in-laws are being, I think the less time that we're living with them the better. It's just hard to always have the house spotless, although it's also really nice to have your house immaculate all the time. I wonder if I can keep up with that when I don't have a reason. I mean, you use a glass, you clean it, you dirty a surface, you wipe it, you play with a toy, you put it up. It's like having a personal servant and being the personal servant all rolled into one! Other than a virtual tour photographer coming by yesterday and the realtor's tour today, we haven't had any showings since Sunday, and frankly I am happy about that. It's so nice to spend some time in our house!
our room:
office/guest room
deck I wish we could take with usObviously, the photos are from our listing. I think our real estate agent did a damn good job. I mean, I'd buy this house!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weight Loss, here I come!

Hopefully, anyway. I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting today. I've never done weight watchers, which apparently is pretty rare because they were surprised when I said I'd never been to a meeting. Ever. But I need help getting rid of these last 20 or so pounds left over from Stella. It seems pretty easy, as long as you are diligent about keeping track of points. My first challenge will be tonight at book club. I'll have to resist all the heaps of food and be good. Although I will have a glass or two of wine. I'd give up dinner for that. I mean, you've got to have your priorities:) I REALLY wish I had a laptop again now. It would make keeping track of points so much easier if I could just type it into the online tracker and whammo have it calculate everything for me. As it is, I have to write it all in my horrible handwriting into the little paper tracker and look it up in the list or use my points tracker to calculate, then transfer it online when Stella sleeps. I think the biggest challenge is going to be calculating (and resisting too much of) Tim's delicious dinners. I already blew a large portion of my points on breakfast without realizing it. Perhaps I should have waited until today to go to the grocery store instead of yesterday?

I'm going to try the Friday morning meeting next week, though. Today all the women were at least 20 years older and were talking about their children going off to college and their grandchildren. Apparently Friday mornings are when the mommies go.

We've had two showings of our house. No feedback yet, but I bet their biggest complaint is probably "where's the hard tile in the bathrooms you promised in the listing?" I really wish our realtor had not put that in. Although we are doing it, we're just waiting for the tile people to call and schedule the install. Hopefully soon, it would rock to have the tile in for the open house Sunday!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two-Way Communication is Weird

In the past, I've always asked Stella questions, but they were really sort of rhetorical. Like, I'd ask, "Do you want to go upstairs?" and then just take her upstairs because it's not like she would answer me. But yesterday, she started answering me! I wanted to give her cheese for her snack, but we only had cheddar and she'd never had yellow cheese before (other than on cheeseburgers when we're out). I asked her if she liked it and she took it, put it in her mouth, cocked her head to the side while she tasted it, then nodded! She ate the rest of the slice happily. Now I've become addicted to asking her questions. "Do you want your snack?" Nod. "Do you want to crawl up the stairs?" Nod. "Do you need a diaper change?" Nod. "Are you sleepy?" Nod. "Do you want to take a nap?" Vigorous head shaking. The cutest thing she's done so far with our new communication system is that we were reading Goodnight Gorilla and I asked her if the Gorilla was going to let out the Armadillo. She nodded yes and then turned the page where, indeed, the Armadillo was the last in line following the zookeeper to his house! I used the book to get her to take a nap like the Gorilla. Hopefully it will work, that would be so cool! This is like the most amazing and the weirdest thing ever. I have confirmed she actually understands me. The strange thing is that now that she actually understands me, I feel weird, like I can't just babble incessantly. I did ask her if she felt that the US should be dealing directly with Poland on the missile defense system and she didn't have a response and actually threw a fit. So I don't know if that's a yes, no or a "I don't understand you so I'm going to get really frustrated!"

Toddlers totally rock!