Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hook 'Em!

Stella did Hook 'Em for the first time Monday morning. She also insisted that Etta where her Longhorn Cheerleader outfit that day. Here's some pics and the video of Stella doing Hook 'Em and Etta looking like she's cheering!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Etta at Two Months

Etta had her two month checkup today. She is 23 inches long (75th percentile), 10 lbs, 3.2 oz (almost 50th percentile) and her head is 39 cm (50-75th percentile). She rolled from her tummy to her back and really impressed the doctor. She also impressed the doctor with how well she can hold up her head and by trying to crawl right off the exam table!

Apparently she's taking after her sister, because I read back on what I'd written when Stella had her 2 month check-up and apparently the doctor used the word "awesome" to describe how well Stella held up her head and said that Stella "held her head up like a 4 month old". For comparison, Stella was also 23 inches long at her 2 month checkup, but weighed 11 lbs, 9.6 oz and had a head circumference of 38.5 inches. Here's Stella at two months:
Man, it is obvious they are sisters, but there are also obvious differences. For one, Stella had a lot more hair and I think Stella's face was a little rounder, where Etta's is a little more oval.

Stella had her 3 year checkup today and everything is right on track. She was 40" tall (97th percentile) and they said 41 pounds (97th percentile), but at home she's been weighing consistently 38.5 pounds. She was wearing her Lucky jeans today and I think they weigh a couple of pounds all by themselves!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

China Cabinet and Uchi recap

I got the stuff in the china cabinet. I'd still like to rearrange the stuff on the shelves a bit, but I love how it looks overall. I'm so happy with it!

We had a fabulous time at Uchi last night, the food was A-mazing, but we spent a bit more than we intended to. We ordered the Chef's special, which is "market rate" and it was a higher market rate than I bargained for! Oh well, how often do you have your 10th anniversary?

I neglected to take any pictures, of course, but we were wearing pretty much the same thing as when we went to Damon and Shanna's wedding Saturday, but dressed down a bit. So you can imagine we looked a bit like this:And now we're on day two of our eleventh year. Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

10 Years!

Today marks 10 years since I married the most amazing man on earth. My best friend and the father of my children. In honor of this occasion, I actually scanned in a few of our wedding photos. Please forgive the poor quality, I must not have set it to the correct resolution. But our scanner is in a cabinet in a corner of our bedroom right under Tim's desk, so I don't want to bug him again to re-do it.We're so young and so shiny, (I wish someone had told me to re-powder my face). Tim had just turned 22 and I was two weeks shy of my 22nd birthday. I'd known that I wanted to marry him since the first week we knew each other, and so we were ecstatic that the day was finally here.

I've known our 10th anniversary was coming for sometime, of course, and I had planned to write a long post about it, but, of course, life got in the way. To celebrate, we're going to Uchi tonight (my mom was awesome enough to come to town to watch the girls since the other grandparents are on their own vacation), and I'm going to drink too much Saki. You know this is a special occasion when I'm willing to actually use some precious milk, aka liquid gold, for it. Yay for the pump n' dump;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New China Cabinet

No time to blog lately, but I wanted to share the new china cabinet we got off Craig's List yesterday. It's Drexel Declaration, manufactured in June of 1958, solid Walnut and the price was right. It's a little more traditional than our usual style, but it has nice clean lines and if we ever find the perfect china cabinet, we can easily resell it. I LOVE the lines in the wood. Now I just need to put all the stuff that is currently sitting on our dining table in it!