Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clothes Shopping!

So thanks to a gift from Tim's very generous Grandmother (Stella's Gi-Gi), I went shopping for maternity clothes today at Kohl's. They were having a HUGE sale, plus I had a coupon for 15% off which the kind cashier upped to 20% because "I was buying so much" and I couldn't get a scratch-off card to come up 30% off. BTW, Kohl's is the only department store credit card I have and I cannot recommend it highly enough. They regularly send you great coupons for 15, 20 or 30%, and you can pay off your total on the card right at the register immediately after making the credit card purchase. It's awesome. Anyway, maternity shopping in my closet had become depressing because I was two sizes larger when I got pregnant with Stella and everything looked like it was designed for me to be wearing a fat suit. I put on a pair yesterday and was like, even if I have triplets, these pants are never fitting! Some of my larger regular clothes fit, but they're uncomfortably tight around the tummy. The larger sizes give me saggy crotch. Actually saggy everything except the belly! Anna was kind enough to let me borrow her stuff, but I still needed jeans and pants (she's about 5 inches shorter than me). Plus she has shirts with those cute little cap sleeves which, sadly do not fit around the upper arms that heredity's cruel hand dealt me. Anyway, I got two pairs of capris, two sleeveless tops, a really cute sweater, a pair of jeans and an adorable dress that I fell in love with all for 90 bucks! Most of the stuff was summer so it was on super-clearance, but here it's summer pretty much year round except for two weeks in January, so I'll definitely get lots of use out of them. With Stella I mostly wore tank tops with sweaters because one second you're cold, the next you're hot as pregnancy wears on.
Can't wait to get everything washed and start wearing it! I'm 12 weeks, two days, which might be a little early to wear maternity clothes, but heck, if it fits, I'm wearing it, that's my motto these days!


Kate said...

I'm so glad that you found some cute pregnancy duds! Kel took me to Kohl's for the first time a while back. Love, love, love it. It's a good thing that there isn't one too close by because I could do some serious damage there.

kel said...

I'm usually in maternity clothes by eight weeks. It's not so much that my pants don't button, but I'm way more conscious of stuff touching my belly and I like to have more room. So don't feel bad.