Monday, September 08, 2008

Got Food? Get outta' my way!

So now that my morning sickness seems to be pretty much gone (knock on wood), the voracious appetite has reared its ugly head. I had forgotten that when pregnant you're pretty much constantly hungry, unless you've just eaten a meal way too quickly because you were starving, in which case you are miserably full and heartburney.
I need to diversify my snacks. Any suggestions? I just ate a SuperPretzel, which I'm totally addicted to, a cheese stick, which I'm getting sick of, and a tiny peppermint patty, which was oh-so good! I really like the salty this time around, although the sweet is still good, just not my overwhelming desire like it was with Stella.


Steph said...

When I was pregnant, I went through many jars of pickled okra. Delicious. Like pickles, but better.

Pok-E-Jo's has a relish bar with the best pickled okra in town. I would go there to buy some bbq for dinner and then load up on enough free okra to last a day or two. The cashiers looked at me funny, but they seemed to know better than to interfere with a pregnant woman on a mission.

Kate said...

I don't have the pregnancy thing to help out, but here are snacks I like:
* Clif Bar Tea Cakes (two little cookie bars)
* cheese/peanut butter crackers
* soy chips

Anna said...

Hmm. Salty you say. I loved the salty with Daniel, had a sweet tooth with Georgia. I'm not saying you're definitely having a boy or anything, just throwing that out there :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... Pickled Okra. Stella and I love pickled okra. Stella's been eating it practically since she could eat solid food. I don't think Julie really likes it though.

Although, quick pickles might be a really good idea. I should just get a ton of stuff and make quick pickles then you could eat them all day Jules.