Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why you should never rush decorating

So we were super-excited to get shades for our lamps and tables to put them on and get them out there for the world (or at least vistors to our house) to admire, right? So Sunday we marched on down to IKEA and got us some tables which we started to regret almost the moment they were assembled. I think they'll wind up being placeholders until we find something we like better.

We also got two different varieties of shades, neither of which work, unfortunately. BUT the more important thing we realized was that the places we had thought we'd put the lamps were sort of weird. They were on the edges of the room and we need light in the center of the room. But how do you get light into the center of the room without having cords for people to trip over? Tim looked at 60's interiors and saw that running the cords under rugs seemed to be the answer. But I don't really have the budget for rugs right now and I'm not really too eager to cover up my pretty Walnut floors with a bunch of rugs. Anybody have any suggestions? I may try those little sticky strips you can run cords through and attach to the floor, but I'm a bit afraid that they'll mess up the floor or cause people to eat it everytime they walk through our living room. I think in the short term we'll wind up just putting the lamps in their original positions on the edge of the room until we can buy rugs. Who knows.

I still love the lamps, though, and refuse to think of them as mistakes! I just know you can't rush decorating decisions, you have to live with things for a while before you decide how to use them.


Jooley Ann said...

Those lamps are terrific! Definitely not a mistake. You'll get the shades and tables sorted. Wish I had a suggestion for the cords, but I'm no decorating wizard, to be sure.

I actually keep *thinking* of the lamps, though, b/c I don't know if I've ever seen such an extreme study in contrasts. I just can NOT get over those lampshades...! It was a shock (a shock!) to see this groovy looking lamp and then scroll to....ergh? Really? Someone ever even made a lampshade like that?? LOL!

Kate said...

I was talking with someone about this and they said that back then they also had those flat little cords. Our solution is the in-floor electrical boxes. I don't know that either of those are much help to you, though.