Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mother's Day Out Program Fatigue

I spent about an hour and a half last night and nearly two hours today finally researching MDO programs. I think I emailed everyone within a 20 minute radius that didn't charge so much that we could no longer send Stella to college. I'm sure the "no room at the inn" responses will start rolling in any minute. I do have two solid reason for my procrastination, though, I promise. First, I had a friend who was opening a preschool and I'd planned to use it, but when her rates came out they were too rich for my blood and the opening keeps getting pushed back because of all the red tape involved in opening a childcare center. Secondly, I was having a terrible time of trying to find out where the programs were and who had them. It was like a secret society or something. I finally found a fantastic list at Savvy Source last night (I was there because my friend Jonathon writes for them. He asked Stella and I to participate in a photo op for the local news today and I figured I'd better brush up so I could answer their questions! It's actually a very cool site and I plan to use it more now that I know about it and not just because I know the person who writes for them.) Anyway, I have been emailing programs (almost all religious) across our fine city to see if they have any openings. So far I've already got her on one waiting list that has 50 other kids also waiting, (although I figure surely some of them are no longer two anymore), and I'm going to try and get by today or in the morning to drop off the app and $10 fee for another that only has 5 children waiting (much better odds). The rest haven't responded yet and I figure they may not at all. I guess tomorrow's nap may be spent on the phone. Well, after I take Punky in for more blood work. Fun!
On the bright side, if we get Stella into one of the MDO's run by churches, she can get the religious education she was only marginally getting at church and is now not getting at all since we've stopped going. Ah, we may be heathens but at least there is hope for our progeny!

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Kate said...

That site is very cool. And there's one for my city as well. =) Here's hoping you find a good MDO program very soon.