Monday, July 14, 2008

Here's to Safe Landings

Stella takes to the stage at Open Mike Night with her guitarist, Dexter, backing her
Stella is on her first night sans crib. We still haven't tracked down her big girl bed yet, we really want a pair of twin beds that are 50's blonde wood that are on Craig's List, but the lister hasn't been calling us back. We're really hoping that he's just out of town or something because we already got her this adorable bedding and we think it will go so perfectly with the furniture. You can't tell from the picture, but the bedding has little rhinestones on it! It's so retro and luxe and princessy without having Disney brand Princesses on it, which is what passes for girl's room decor these days. The sheets have little crowns and BALLET SHOES on them! OMG, what could be cuter? I think it'd be cute to somehow incorporate my old ballet and tap shoes from when I was a kid. We're trying to go for a sophisticated but sweet little girl's room with a retro vibe. Tim's inspiration is his mother's childhood bedroom which was all poodles and French and pink and was apparently still preserved when he was a kid. I love the French thing too! And furry pillows and poodles and kittens!

But for tonight, Stella's just in her old crib with one of the sides taken off to magically transform it into a toddler bed. I was really disappointed that there wasn't a side rail or anything, but we have a body pillow on the floor so hopefully if she falls out she won't hurt herself. We had no choice but to give in and convert it; this afternoon she would not stop trying to climb up into it, and when she was in it, she actually leaned over the rail with all her weight and brought her feet off the mattress. If she'd lost her grip on the rail, she would have landed feet first on our hardwoods! I was scared that she'd spend all night jumping in and out of the bed, but she stayed put, thank God! We told her that this was practice for her Big Girl Bed (she can't stop talking about it), and if she stayed in it all night, we'd get her a Big Girl Bed. Poor thing was so upset that we didn't get her Big Girl Bed this weekend. Trust me girl, we tried! We just want to give the Craig's List thing a little longer before we give in and do IKEA. I love IKEA, but the furniture's got no soul!

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Kate said...

I love the bedding!

I had totally forgotten about Mom's childhood bedroom. There were black accents and silhouettes. And a white-skirted dressing table with a glass top. I still want one. Even though it would totally clash with everything else. =)