Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Garage Sale Finds and Decorating

This morning we went to La Luz's garage sale at their current location on South First. They are merging with Prototype on South Congress and the new and improved version of both will re-open on August 7th for First Thursday. Man, were there deals to be had! There was a super-sweet long low credenza that was melamine and orange on the inside, white on the outside for only $60! I was in love, but I unfortunately had to concede that we had absolutely no where for it. There was lots of beautiful cheap furniture like that: an amazing desk with a very cool architectural front for only $50, an orange fake-leather sofa and chair on a metal frame for $500, dressers, tables, etc, but alas, we had no place for these things. However, I still scored!

The first time I ventured into La Luz was in December, when I spotted a pair of very cool vintage lamps. I seriously considered them at $70 for the pair (which is a steal for vintage lamps), but it was Christmas time and I couldn't buy stuff for myself. So I'd forgotten about them until I wander in today and, lo and behold, they were marked down to $10 each!
The shades (which I remember the salesperson remarking weren't original the first time I admired them), are hideous.

That's gold thread in the fringe. Shudder!

So of course we'll need new lampshades. Also, we have nothing to put them on, so we'll need new tables for that. So when all is said and done perhaps they won't be that great of a deal;)
I also got crafty this afternoon. Last week when I went to IKEA I purchased some wall decals for the drawers on our bookcase. The wide expanse of brown had been bugging me for quite some time. I was a bit intimidated when I opened the package and there were just four sheets of random branches, flowers, leaves and birds, with no grid or advice on how to place them, but I am quite happy with the result:

I asked Tim to come give his opinion when it was finished, fully expecting him to hate it, (I think he was a little skeptical about the whole idea), but to my surprise and pride, he loved it and suggested I put a little design on the other cabinet to tie them together:

Next up in the crafty department: We'd like to put wallpaper in those cabinets up there that currently have orange construction paper, and put the same wallpaper on the back wall of the bookshelves. Somebody had some very cool orange with white circles wallpaper recently, but it's not on Jen Ski and if it's on Apartment Therapy, I'll never find it again. I also want to paint the walls behind those cabinets on either side of the fireplace an olive green, but Tim's not sold and as we have a backlog of projects, that's not in the short term plan.

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Kate said...

Very nice! Good for you for saving $50 on the lamps.

I really think that the patterns on the cabinets turned out great!