Wednesday, July 02, 2008

World's Worst Mom Award

So I was trying to get to a preschool today to drop off Stella's application and money so she can get on the waiting list. I told her as much, but unfortunately the school has weird hours in the summer and was apparently closed early. So now she keeps saying "go to preschool, go to preschool" and making me feel truly terrible that I didn't jump on this school thing earlier. I have decided that I WILL get her in somewhere, even if I have to drive across town, dammit!


Tara said...

I'm pretty sure that not getting Stella into preschool (even if we're talking ever) doesn't qualify you for a world's worst mom award. Dude! Cut yourself a little slack. :)

Kate said...

I agree-that definitely doesn't put you even close to a bad mom.

"Beach, where are you?" =)