Thursday, August 07, 2008

So disturbing

So my insurance agent's assistant just called to "check on the renewal of my personal articles policy" which I told her seemed fine and then she revealed the real reason she was calling, "I see you don't have life insurance for Stella. Would you like a life insurance quote for Stella?" I was horrified! I told her, "no, I do not need life insurance for my 2-year-old!" She was like, "are you sure, it's really simple and the rates are really reasonable." For my G-D TWO YEAR OLD! Why in the hell would I want life insurance for my two-year old? I was like, "no, I don't want it and I find it distasteful that you would even suggest it. No thank you." And she was like all cheerily like okay, bye. I am so upset now. It just made me cry for them to even suggest my two year old is f'ing mortal! And it's not like she brings in money, why would I take out an insurance policy on her? I thought Gerber was the only company that sunk low enough to offer life insurance policies for babies. I guess I was wrong. Thanks for ruining my afternoon, bitch!

I seriously have a mind to switch insurance companies after that. I know it's all about the all-mighty dollar, but how could you?


K in the Mirror said...

They did that to me too! They said nobody wanted to think about it, but wouldn't it be a blessing to not have to worry about where the funeral expenses were coming from.

And they did it while I was pregnant with G- she wasn't even here yet. They also said I needed enough life insurance on my husband that I could lie in bed and grieve for six months if I needed to without having to get up and go to work.

Excuse me?!

Kate said...

WTF?? Seriously? Every time I see those commercials I feel sick and dirty. I can't believe that they called and asked you that.

Jooley Ann said...

Wow...that's horrible!! I have State Farm, and they've done such thing. Not yet, anyway. They *did* try the old schtick: "Why don't you get life insurance now, since you have a child" -- but that's pretty standard stuff, and is even a somewhat reasonably argument.

But a policy *for* a child?? It would make me cry, too. Disturbing!