Friday, July 04, 2008

Spending Our Daughter's Inheritance

Not really. We just finally went to eat at Uchi last night. Oh. My. God. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It was soooo good! And we had forgotten this, but a good friend of Tim's from high school, Andy, is the "Boss Man" there, as he put it, (I think his official title is General Manager), so he totally gave us personal attention, gave us his own recommendations, and even threw in a dish he'd selected himself for free. We waited out on the patio I admire every time I pass by for about 45 minutes to an hour (really the time went by super-fast with a glass of wine, some edamame and great conversation) and then we were whisked inside. The decor was so inspiring, we immediately decided to steal the screen idea from the patio for outside our bedroom to block the large security light that shines in our window at night (it's the first shot on the website with the bamboo fencing).

Awesome fountain
The lighting on Tim was so beautiful, I had to snap a shot of his handsome mug. Also, I love the squares in the background on the wall.

The menu, as Andy had warned us, was overwhelming, but luckily he came around and gave us his recommendations which were, of course, better than the stuff we picked ourselves. I loved the flavors that they put with the sushi. Usually at sushi restaurants it's all about the cut and freshness of the fish, but at Uchi they aren't afraid to put some adventurous spices and flavors in there. Like goat cheese! Fan-tast-tic! Also, I fell in love with the saki. We got the cheapest one and it was so full of flavor, it made me wish I hadn't been missing out on saki all this time!

hot rock “sear it yourself” on a japanese river rock wagyu beef with ponzu sauce; tricky with chopsticks, but super-fun

Afterwards, we went down to Lambert's so I could have the Blackberry fried pie Tim had been raving about. I wasn't too impressed, but I really enjoyed wandering through the new condo developments down there and imagining us rich, childless and living in the thick of things. It was beyond a fantastic date night, I am so blessed to have a husband I consider my best friend and the resources to occasionally splurge and enjoy some of the finer things in life!

I promise eventually I will stop wearing this dress, necklace and earrings everywhere I go;)


yer mama said...

Uchi is my benchmark for sushi. I have eaten there a few times with my sisters. When I talk to them about eating sushi together I say something like "not as a good or pricey as Uchi but still really good"

Their food is divine. They have the best cold - unfiltered sake.

Kate said...

That sounds delicious and such a great location. I love that it's in an old house that's been renovated.

And he's lucky to have you, too!