Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mamma Mia!

So I just watched the trailer for Mamma Mia, and I know it's total trash, but it has Colin Firth (my crush since Bridget Jones' Diary) AND Pierce Brosnan (my crush from Remington Steele when I was like 7) and it looks AWESOME! I think this might get me out to the movie theater on July 18th to see it. I have Australian movies of the early 90's (Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Muriel's Wedding) to thank for my love of Abba. And a gay friend my freshman year of college who taped Abba Gold for me. Seriously, it is a crime I do not have that on CD. Oh, and I used to be able to perform the entire routine from Priscilla that they do, I believe, to Mamma Mia. I might still be able to do it, if I reach deep into my subconscious. Watch out, my friends, I may just bust that out at any moment!


K in the Mirror said...

I would pay good money to see you dance that routine. :)

I'm definitely going to see this, I love ABBA also and I do have Gold on CD. One of my favorites.

Kate said...

I'm with K!

I am so excited about this movie coming out! My mom got me hooked on ABBA very, very young. I think Grandmother sent her a tape sometime when Mom was pregnant with Tim. They always make me happy.