Friday, July 18, 2008

Delicious Theatre Rumours, (I mean Rumors)*

The Austinist says that someone wrote up snarky descriptions of all the press contacts in Austin, then accidentally emailed said snarky descriptions to all of said press contacts! Who is it? Well, they gave us the hint that it was someone on their Ist List and that it was female. So who is on their Ist list this week?

Crazy Like a Person by Austin New Music Workshop: This is my number one suspicion. They are run by a woman, the only other thing I've seen them do was the Pirate Musical at FronteraFest last year and I don't think they're really tied to the theatre scene. Only a rookie wouldn't realize how incestuous this town is and that you never know who you shouldn't be pissing off.

Kidnapped by Craig's List by Shrewd: Also run by women, but they've been at this rodeo long enough to know how to behave and I seriously doubt they would make a stupid mistake like this.

I Google Myself by Capital T: Not run by a woman, although at Hyde Park and Katherine there sends out the emails for Hyde Park. But she's been in this town even longer than Shrewd and I think would have the sense not to make that sort of mistake. The only reason I include her is that she does sometimes send out empty emails, so I've seen email mistakes before.

The rest of the shows are either huge like Zach Scott or Summer Musical or old stalwarts run by men like Different Stages. So they don't fall under suspicion.

Who do you suspect?

*Oh, God, I just noticed I spelled Rumours in the British way. How pretentious!


Kate said...

Drama! (And I mean the cat-fight in the sorority house/reality show kind)

File this under things you shouldn't have put into print anywhere. There's something about writing evil things that somehow makes them accidentally get sent somewhere you didn't intend. Like forwarding the boss's email to your buddy in the next cube, with snide comments, except that you didn't forward it. You replied.

Kate said...

Obviously, I don't mean YOU. ;)