Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

Stella's been in her big girl bed since Tuesday night, but I'm just getting a few minutes to myself to blog about it: She LOVES it and has been sleeping better than she had in her crib for months. She can stretch out, and since it's so big, she rarely falls out of bed. Although she did last night and it was quite a shock to her, she started wailing immediately. She does come in and wake us up quite early in the morning, though, which we're not enjoying too much.

People keep asking me if I'm sad to see her crib go. I can honestly say, no, not a bit. I find each new milestone Stella leaps over to be exciting and I'm so in love with the little girl she's becoming with each passing day that I never long for her to be a baby again. I might feel differently if Stella was going to be our only kid, but we're planning on having more, so I just enjoy the ride!

Special thanks to Meme and Pappy for the generous gift of the bed, as you can see, it's made Stella extremely happy!

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Kate said...

I love the beds and the bedding! Stella's so cute all tucked into bed with her blankie and dolly.