Friday, July 25, 2008

I Want To Believe it will be good

I believe the new X-Files movie comes out today. And even though the trailer makes it look pretty lame (although I LOVE Billy Connolly and Amanda Peet), I will probably go see it anyway. Because I have to. (But not tonight because I'm going to a fundraiser.) The years of 95-2002, Sunday night at 8 you would find me nowhere else (actually it was originally on Friday nights, which explains why I wasn't as loyal of a viewer at first), and my mother actually knew that to call me on Sundays at 8 was risking my wrath. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, somehow seemed to ONLY call between 8 and 9pm on Sunday nights... I'm proud to say I converted many others to fandom, and some of them even surpassed me in their love of all things X-Files. Anyway, you have to check out this fake exchange on Go Fug Yourself. It cracked me up.

Speaking of movies, we did go see Mamma Mia last Friday. It was a blast, even though Pierce Brosnan can't sing to save his life. But everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time making it and we had a great time watching it. It was pure summer fun, we would start giggling everytime we heard the familiar strings of an ABBA song and saw how they were going to use it. There were new songs in it that were god-awful, but you can look past them, trust me. If you're an ABBA fan, check it out!

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Fire Berry said...

NO way. I would've gone on Friday night too -- a fan to the core myself. Mostly of Gillian Anderson, specifically, her portrayal of Scully -- who remains equal to Mulder to the end.

Saw it Saturday. I won't spoil it for you.