Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How did we get here?


So after you watch this video, you may ask yourself, "why is Stella wearing her bikini and dancing around in the kitchen with mushrooms?" Well...

First she mentioned swimming and putting on her "baby suit" while we were on our walk this morning. I told her we could go swimming in the backyard when we got home.

We got home and I took a shower.

Stella came into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain. At first I thought she was holding her stuffed bunny rabbit that wears a robe. Then I realized that she was carrying her towel and her bathing suit. And was buck naked. I have to say I was impressed that she got off her shorts, shirt and diaper. She asked me to put on her "baby suit" and I told her I'd put on her "swimsuit"* when I got out.

I got out of the shower and did not see Stella. I called out and she did not answer me. I put on my robe and went into the hallway where I could see through the window that she was outside with the bottom of her swimsuit only halfway covering her booty and was trying to put her top on. I made a mental note to childproof the doorknobs. I told Stella that after I finished getting ready we'd go outside and swim and that she could not go outside in the future without Tim or I and brought her back in.

I got ready and got Stella and I both all sunscreened up. We went outside and I got her swimming pool. But then I ran into obstacle number one: I could not get the hose unfastened so I could fill up the pool. Tim had put it on too tight. So I struggled with that for a while before deciding to use the front hose. Then I realized that was hooked into Tim's complex sprinkler system. I tried getting it to work but could not. So I went back into the yard and told Stella that unfortunately we couldn't swim today, I was sorry. As I was telling her this, Stella started screaming and crying, "ants, ants!" and I looked down to see a whole bunch all over her foot. I swatted them away while she screamed, "Mommy pick up me", then scooped her up and went inside.

She was crying quite a bit by now so I offered her anti-itch cream and a popsicle, plus the opportunity to stay in her swimsuit for a while longer. The combination of swimsuit, cream and cuddling with mom while eating popsicles got her back into better spirits, as evidenced by her dance.

Poor thing. I promised her I'd get her Daddy to show me how to operate the water tonight so this wouldn't happen again.

In the other cute things department, she said the word "plenty." We went to feed Punky and she saw Lucy's bowl and pointed and said, "Plenty. Lucy have plenty of food." Oh, and while we were at my parents' house, I walked out of the bathroom to hear my mother laughing so hard she could barely breathe. I asked her what was so funny and once she could finally speak again she said Stella had said, "Poop come out of my booty." Ha!

*Tim taught her to say bathing suit rather than swimsuit. I'm working on changing it because I think it's a ridiculous name for the item of clothing you wear while SWIMMING not BATHING, but Stella's really stuck on it. Except when she says it it sounds like "baby suit".


K in the Mirror said...

Some of my kiddos call it a swimming suit, which I think is cute. We always called it a bathing suit when I was a kid.

So where did the mushrooms fit in this picture? :) Sounds like quite an eventful afternoon.

Kate said...

How cute is she? I agree--how did the mushrooms work into it?

shoeaddict said...

I naturally say bathing suit. I am now wondering what other people say. Also, she is very cute.