Saturday, July 05, 2008

Alternate Reality Meme

This is from Ashley:

Who are you in an alternate universe? Your answer is not a reflection of your current life. If you are married and a parent this does not mean you want to leave your current life and pursue your alternate life. So feel free to participate without judgment.

Mine's pretty obvious. I am an actress in New York City. I do well enough not to have a day job and am constantly in an edgy, critically acclaimed show. I have a great modern loft in a hip part of the city that is rent controlled so I can live there forever for cheap and spend all my money on travel. I have a kick ass super-hip wardrobe, too. I look like me, but I get my hair PROFESSIONALLY dyed red because I have that kind of money and time. And I get manicures and pedicures regularly and my body's in a bit better shape because I have time to work out. And I have thin upper arms.

So that's my quick fantasy. If you read this blog, please participate and let me know that you did it in the comments section!


K in the Mirror said...

That sounds really fun. I'll have to think on what mine might be.

I went over to Ashley's to see hers and I really like the 365 thing. I might do that one too. Or start it at least.

Loni said...

I didn't know you did your own hair. I have to say, it looks really great! There was (maybe still is) a redhead on Days of Our Lives that said she's always dyed her own hair red. Just a little tidbit of useless knowledge. And your hair looks prettier than hers.