Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Punky's Home

So Punky's back and as feisty as ever. I think the staff at the vet's was VERY glad to see her go. Everyone I spoke to made sure to tell me how ornery she was. We're supposed to stuff some antibiotic and Pepsid AC down her gullet, and that's presenting a bit of a challenge, but not too much blood loss (on our part) so far.

Stella is in one of her awesome "keep myself entertained for hours" moods, so I'm gorging myself on my Apartment Therapy feed. They do like 100 posts a day, so I never actually get through it, but I'm at least making an attempt today. It's amazing how much Stella entertains herself. I'm always amused at people who say that their children get bored, especially at the end of the day, and they just HAVE to put on the t.v. Even at the end of the day, Stella is never too bored to play with her Little People on the floor while I sit by her and listen to NPR. And I'm never too tired to reach over every once in a while and move a little person from a bus to the airport so they can gather around the table and "eat cake". I don't think Stella is exceptional either, but if you plop a kid down in front of tv from birth, you don't even give them the chance to develop an attention span like Stella's.

This is actual an area where I have a lot to say, but Tim's Mom is here and I've got to get all geared up to go to Town Lake for his weekly run. Wish me cool thoughts!

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K in the Mirror said...

I think the key to that is you're never too bored to sit by her. People say their kids get bored because they expect them to sit and do something quietly while everybody else is in another room ignoring them. They don't want to interact and the tv is easier.

And I agree about starting when they're young- G's first idea is always to watch tv and I have to drag her into other things. She'll play once she gets settled, but she thinks of tv first. I wish we hadn't let her watch as much because it's hard to back away from it once they're used to it.