Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Post Birthday Hangover

I don't literally have a hangover, I'm just having a hangover from the transition to being treated like royalty to being a lowly commoner again. Yesterday, every diaper was changed swiftly and I slept in until nearly 9. This morning when Stella woke up at 6:44am, I was on duty again. And I'll be on duty again until after 7pm tonight. Without a car. But I'm trying to be cheery! For one, I have completely abandoned plans to purge caffeine from my diet. At least for now. I am currently drinking a half decaf/half full caffeine cup of coffee, but that's more because we ran out of full caff than because of a new regimen. It's just too damn hard to keep up with Stella without caffeine these days! Admittedly, I have been going to bed too late at night and Stella has also decided to start getting up earlier, which does not make for a happy Mommy.

Last night, after a great dinner, I went over to Waterloo for a birthday music buying orgy. It was awesome. I was sort of buzzed from the bottle of wine at dinner (Tim drove so the responsibility of finishing it fell to me) and I had my wishlist and my birthday money and I went TO TOWN! I got: the new We Are Scientists, What Made Milwaukee Famous, the old Ghostland Observatory (I heard it was better), Flight of the Conchords, Fischerspooner's #1 (somehow this didn't make it out of Blue Fish with me), REM'S latest, Accelerate (which rocks, btw), and the Once Soundtrack. I only have 7 days I think to listen to them and decide if I like them or not. Otherwise I can take them back to Waterloo. That's what rocks about Waterloo, you can return cd's you don't like. I definitely love the local, man. Of course, I was a bit disappointed that they were out of Jarvis Cocker's solo album, but you can't always get what you want.

Well, I have to go now because Stella won't stop playing with my cd drive. Oh it is going to be a long day indeed.

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Kate said...

Sorry about the birthday hangover. Hooray for new music, though! I am so impressed by you and your wishlist in hand. I am way too disorganized for that.