Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beer Wednesday?

Dog vs. Cat!

Today is one of those days where it is only 3pm and I already want to just sit around doing nothing and drinking beer. It's not like it's been a tough day. I took Stella to the Children's Art Park at Symphony Square this morning and we had a great time watching Ballet Folklorico with her friends and then getting her face painted like a cat. Then we came home, I did a bunch of cleaning for my best friend Diane and her husband who are coming to spend the night tonight and hang out, and now I am mindlessly surfing the internet. I think it's being outside that makes me want a beer. Possibly it's being so hot that I had to come home and take another shower when we got back from the park. I dunno. But I'm hoping that Mapquest's Estimate of it taking 4 hours and 50 minutes to get to Austin from Fort Stockton (where they were when they called at 1:40), is a little conservative and we can still get out in time for happy hour once they arrive!


Kate said...

I'm craving mojitos lately and I blame it on the weather. I'm passing because it hurts when I run the day after. But I still crave them. Wah.

I hope they get there in time for Happy Hour!

Steph said...

Your daughter is adorable.

If I could sneak a beer into my cubicle, I would have one with you.