Saturday, June 21, 2008

I never recapped the awesome weekend of awesome

First, a picture of my fabulous birthday dress, as requested by k and Katie:

Unfortunately, you can only just barely see the barrel of the gun that is printed on the bottom right corner. It's hidden by my purse. It's like the "Loaded Gun Theory" official dress;) Even though I have to yank the tube top portion of the dress up more than I would like to, I LOVE this dress. If you know me IRL, you will probably see me in it soon:)

Last weekend was yet another weekend of awesome awesomeness. I have been partying like a rockstar a great deal lately. First, Friday night we saw The Beauty Queen of Lenane which, unfortunately for you, closes tonight. It was fantastic, nay a PERFECT production. And I was bursting with pride that so many of my friends were involved. First off, the stupendously talented Jennie Underwood played the evil old hag mum to perfection. Secondly, the also talented, many hat wearing Lorella Loftus played her daughter, and she gave a sublime performance. It was the best thing I've ever seen her do and to top that off she also produced. Wow! As an extra bonus, the two men cast were fantastic actors as well, they not only held their own against the two powerhouse women, but gave back as good as they got. And another friend, Frank Benge, was directing. Bravo everyone! It was a deliciously wicked (and heartbreakingly sad) good time. Tim was pissed off that he had missed the other two shows in the trilogy (Skull of Connemara from Renaissance and Lonesome West from Hyde Park) that I had seen without him. Tim and I's college TA for Theatre History did the dramaturgy, so we got to geek out in a post-show talk back and then talk to her afterwards. And then we talked to all our friends until the week hours of the morning. It made Saturday an early rise for Stella's friend's birthday party, but it was worth it.
Discussing the finer points of water guns with buddy Meyer. Amusing anecdote: Meyer's mom told him not to shoot the water guns at people and I was like, "what else do you do with them?" and she was like, "thanks for undermining my Mom authority, Julie!"

Saturday I went shopping with two of my sisters that I won by marrying Tim, Caroline and Christine. That's where I got the aforementioned dress (thanks again, Caroline!), as well as some kick-ass jewelry. If you are local, check out SoLa on South Lamar at Mary. This was the first time I'd visited and I fell in love! Then we went out to dinner at Fleming's, courtesy of the extremely generous Daniel and Caroline, for the steak I thought I'd have to die and go to heaven for, followed by dancing(!) at Vicci, which turned out to be a nostalgia club and sounded like my high school prom, but was fun anyway. We ran into a bunch of friends celebrating one of my friend's birthdays.

Captured mid-dance, with me in mid-eye-roll over music

Sunday was lunch with the Tim's fam, followed by sweet baby Georgia's baptism, where the toddlers did stupendously despite the fact that the Baptism coincided with naptime and we were honored to serve as proxy grandparents. Extra bonus: we weren't called out by the priest;) (Actually we had prior permission to serve.)

Now I have to go get ready for yet ANOTHER toddler birthday party at the park, that's due to begin in less than an hour!


K in the Mirror said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress. And with a gun on it too? Perfect for you. :)

The eye rolling picture is really good of both you and Tim.

shoeaddict said...

You are so adorable! Great dress.