Monday, June 16, 2008

Hoity Toity Condos

So the hotel where my parents spent their honeymoon and where Tim and I stayed one night during our week and a half long "homeless period" between our old apartment and our first house is being replaced by condos:

God bless 'em if they get those prices. As Tim points out, it's right on the lake, which is amazing, but on the other hand it is not walking distance to downtown. But it would be pretty cool if I had oodles of moolah.

On a completely unrelated note, Punky appears to be sick. Tim's noticed she spends a lot of time just sitting around, and then Saturday I noticed she felt thinner/lighter than usual when I picked her up. Then yesterday evening I noticed it didn't look like she'd touched the food we'd put in her bowl the day before. We're taking her to the vet today at 5, and I'm really concerned because I realized last night it's been exactly 3 months to the day today since we had to have Roxie put to sleep. So please pray that Punky's problem is something minor and easily fixed. I know she's just a cat, and we talk crap about her a lot, but we do love her, and since she's only 12, I'm expecting her to be around for a long long time. And I really don't want to lose another pet anytime soon. I'm sorry this is the only picture I could find of her and she's looking so ornery, but she really can be sweet sometimes!


Tara said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Punky. She might be a bit fiesty, but who isn't sometimes? I hope she gets better soon.

Kate said...

I wouldn't mind living in those condos if I had eleventy billion dollars. =)

I'm hoping along with you that Punky just has a summer cold or something.