Monday, June 30, 2008

Food that's a bit off

I just got back from the grocery store about an hour ago and already I have discovered that the cherry tomatoes I bought are molding and that the box of Blue Bird 100 calorie packet cupcakes contained a packet with only 2 cupcakes rather than 3. WTF? I think I'll just look the other way on the missing cupcake (everything was completely sealed), but I'm going to return the tomatoes. I am sick and tired of crappy produce and meat that expires a day after you buy it. I swear HEB sends all its worst produce and meats to our local HEB. I keep saying I'm going to drive down to another one, but our local one is just so close and much more interesting in terms of clientele than the suburban one. Sigh.


Kate said...

Argh! We had the same problem at our local Kroger. You would think that the freaking River Oaks Kroger would have better produce. I didn't take it back, I just quit going there. I'm lucky enough to have a Central Market not too far away and not be wrestling an opinionated 2 year old. We're begging HEB to put one in by us.

Kate said...

P.S. I was just thinking that sounds like Disco Kroger. Crummy food, but full of local color. And also, no chicken.