Monday, June 09, 2008

Other Recountings of the concert

Check out Tara's great recounting of our experience. She remembered a lot of the important elements that I forgot to mention, like all the a-holes that can't behave with huge groups of people. Austin ModHouse was apparently also at the show and has some pics from the Dallas show that are good, but actually taken from a vantage point further away than we were here in Austin! He also comments on the concert-goers' behavior. (There's a bunch of other stuff in his post, so you'll have to scroll down to find the Cure stuff). Austin ModHouse also mentions how great it was as a teenager to go to the concert of bands you and your 10 friends bonded over loving and realizing there were THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Last night I had that moment when a sea of people sang along to one of my top 5 favorite Cure songs, "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea".
This morning I did a little more research to find out how the friend of mine from high school died. And I unfortunately discovered a memorial page where I found another friend from high school had died, Sarah Zaffos. She was my brother's age, and I remember her as a very sweet young girl who played one of the girls in the Crucible, as well as understudy for my character, Reverend Hale. She died in a car accident a little over a year ago. So sad. And so weird how you get sad when you find out about these deaths, even though you haven't seen these people in over 10 years and they've been dead for a little while.
Another weird thing is that it seems that both the girl from my class and another friend of mine who died about a year ago both took their own lives. And I remember both of them being two of the happiest people on earth. Of course, that's when we were kids, and you never know what life had thrown at them since then. But they are still two of the last people I would expect to have heard that they took their own lives.


Kate said...

That is really sad about the kids that you went to school with. I think it's sad because of that hope that you have that people went off and did cool things or whatever and that they were happy. At least that's my theory about that.

It is really sad that two of your classmates took their own lives. And although I suspect that most of my HS friends thought I was some happy person all the time, this girl really may have been back then. Depression often presents in mid- late-adolescence. And then there are just rotten things that happen. Not that you don't know all that... Anyway, it's always sad.

Kate said...

P.S. The fabulous John Moe, whose brother took his own life, is involved with a fundraising walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk Out of the Darkness. It's a walk that starts at dusk and ends at dawn and is a way of sharing in the darkness that people feel and the hope that their suffering will end, just as the darkness of night ends. Sorry, that was a bit of a downer, but I think that the event is amazing and your post got me thinking about it.