Sunday, June 15, 2008

Probably not getting a friend in after all

So they finally posted that house and it is priced out of reach of most of the folks I know, I think (as well as myself):

But it is beyond awesome. Check out the planter in the bathroom! And the sunken open shower with dual shower-heads! And the floating staircase! It is the absolutely coolest. Man, but if they get that price, it will be a whole new record for this neighborhood by 10's of thousands of dollars. So good luck, because that is a pretty groovy pad!


yer mama said...

wow. that is awesome.

that staircase is going to scare away some parents tho...

Anonymous said...

Overprotective parents are always going to have a beef with something. And they probably wouldn't be drawn to that house anyway. It's what the suburbs are designed for. No architectural detail means that they can pretend their kids are safe.

Then they can find out what they should have been worrying about when they get broadsided in their daily commute.

Jenean said...

Thanks for the comments on ModernAustin and on my blog. My husband and I are planning to move to Austin, but aren't ready quite yet. We haven't even listed our house here in Memphis and we have some work to do on it prior to listing. Still, when I saw that amazing house my mind started racing with thoughts of how we could get down there immediately and get it! Very impractical thinking, but that place had my head spinning.

I inquired with the realtor and he said he expects it to go fast because it is so unique. Keep me posted! Based on your description this sounds like a great neighborhood so I will be keeping my eye out for other homes around there as we continue our search. I haven't seen a lot of houses for sale in that area so everyone must love the neighborhood!

Very nice to meet you. We know a few people in Austin and they keep telling us we will love it there. It is nice to meet more friendly folks! I'll keep in touch-