Friday, June 06, 2008

It's over!

Of course, it's not really over, it's just begun, but at least we have a presidential candidate! Whoo-hoo! I wish it had been Hillary* or, even better, John Edwards, but it's Obama and we've got to go with it. Rally the troops and defeat the Republicans. That's THE most important thing. Because if there's anything the last 8 years have showed us, it's that Nader was wrong; there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. A BIG difference.

So I will have to learn to love Obama. We all will. Because there are a lot of racists in this country who will never vote for a man who is part African-American. It's just a fact and honestly one of the reasons why I thought both Obama and Clinton were bad choices in a year when the Presidency should have been a lock for the Democrats: one is black and one is a woman. And I think the thought of that enrages a lot of Americans. So we're going to have to work doubly-hard this year to get Obama elected. If he wins, it's going to be historic. It's going to be amazing and historic. And perhaps it will not be as incredibly inspiring for me as if a woman was President, because I still see him as another MAN, not really as a BLACK man, but it will still knock down a lot of walls and maybe we can start to repair the damage done by 100 years of slavery, followed by 100 years of segregation, followed by 40+ years of systematic racism.

Okay, that sounds pretty fucking amazing. Bring it on, Obama, let's kick their asses!

*until she started going crazy and refused to drop out of the race. And now she's begging for the V.P. position. Please! That's going to happen and then monkeys are going to fly out of my butt. Although it would be a good idea because maybe we could get all those "working-class" white folk who supposedly wouldn't vote for Obama.

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