Friday, March 20, 2009

Today seems like a good day to have a baby

First day of Spring, my Dad's birthday (Stella was due March 19th and I think he was really disappointed she didn't arrive on his birthday), a Friday. Plus we already have a doctor's appointment at 9:45, in 3 hours. Plus now the Unbearables will have to stay together because I will miss their final show tonight! But I know I have been wrong before. A few times, but I really think this is it. All those contractions that I thought were painful - HA! Man, was I a pansy. I forgot what real labor felt like!

Assuming this is real labor. Which I'm going ahead and assuming because I am an optimist. Today at least.

If it is not real labor, I will be able to let the world know relatively quickly after my appointment because Tim got me an IPod Touch yesterday! It's my early push present. He says he got it for me early so that I could stop thinking about all these damn contractions I've been having. Very sweet. I really haven't figured out how to use it, and the thing that finally pushed me over the edge about wanting to get it is that there is an app that times contractions. Really. Although I can't get it right now because Tim's asleep (as he should be, as we all should be at 6:40am), and he must have changed the wireless password because the old one is not working. So for now I'm recording these %^%**&)*( things on the same purple pad of paper with the same black ballpoint pen I've been using all week. No technology is being used. Well, other than the fact that I'm blogging that I'm in labor. I should get Twitter real fast and then I can Twitter my labor. Would it make me feel better if I could let the world know I was in severe pain every few minutes?

By the way, does anybody know how, after you sync your IPOD with ITunes, to delete certain albums off your Ipod that you may not want on there? With my old mini, I never used the sync all feature, I just added individual albums because it was only 4 GB. My Touch is 32 GB (although I was disappointed to discover that it really only holds slightly less than 30 gigs), so I can fit almost all of our music on it. That was my biggest requirement if I got a new Ipod, I was tired of having to pick albums every once in a while and load my ipod up. I always waited too long to do it and it always took too long to do.

I can't help but feel a wee bit guilty about spending this much money on an electronic gadget, but I am trying to look at it as stimulating the economy. And we are so fortunate right now to be in a really good place (in fact, Tim just got a raise. I know, don't hit us!), so there's really no reason to go overboard on being frugal. I am naturally frugal in the first place, but you hear about all this belt-tightening and think, "I should go on the belt-tightening band wagon!" Luckily, babies are natural belt-tighteners, you have no time to do anything or go anywhere!

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that we meet BabyBean today!


Tim said...

We are at the hospital. Baby is on the way.

Anna said...

Come on out and meet us all baby!!!

Kate said...

We can't wait to meet her!

Julie, whenever you get a chance to read this:
1. Whatever you want to do during labor to help yourself that doesn't cause permanent pain or injury to someone else sounds good to me.
2. I want an iPod Touch!
3. Remember that you already had your belt on the tightest (or almost tightest) notch.

Hooray for Baby Bean!