Friday, March 13, 2009

Concentrate on the Positive

First off, let me just say that the previous post's title is really bugging me. It sounds nasty. Even though it's not. But I digress.

I have decided that rather than wallow in my personal physical misery about being pregnant and wishing I was no longer pregnant (which doesn't do a damn bit of good), I am going to concentrate on all the things I will get to do if I continue to be pregnant.

If I make it through next week (in other words, to 39 weeks): Wednesday I'm getting my hair cut and it needs it desperately, Thursday, we're going to see Bombs in Your Mouth at Hyde Park Theatre, a world premiere featuring the incredibly talented Liz Fisher and Joey Hood and I'd be very sad if I missed this one, and Friday Tim's taking the day off (he got an extra vacation day for a job well done) and we're going to the Stem and Leaf Records day party featuring what may be the last Unbearables performance and the always excellent One Hundred Flowers. Plus free beer for those of you who can partake. If I make it to Sunday, I'll get to sit in on the reading of "Teacher, Teacher", LGT's script for our June show at the Off-Center, and meet Max Langert, the playwright.

If I make it through the following week (40 weeks): I will get to see Time Steps, the Austin Scriptworks Out of Ink Festival which Tim has a piece in, as well as loads of other talented playwrights, including Sarah Saltwick, who wrote in Slapdash, and Aimee Gonzalez, who wrote in Slapdash and also our FronteraFest piece, in addition to the aforementioned Max Langert.

So you see, making it at least another 14 days (Time Steps opens the 26th), is very advantageous. Even if it means dealing with some discomfort. And as my ticker shows, I only have like 16 days left anyway until my due date, so I might as well sit tight and stop complaining. But I can't guarantee that March 27th, I won't be heading over to Reale's and chowing down on the pepperoni pizza that drives women (including myself with Stella), into labor!


Kate said...

That sounds like a good way to look at it. I'm sorry you're feeling so miserable!

Anna said...

And don't forget that you'll get to enjoy Stella as your one and only for a little while longer!