Thursday, March 05, 2009

Poking the Bear

We had our first doctor's visit where the doctor gets "up close and personal" if you know what I mean. I wasn't dilated at all, but when the doctor checked my cervix, the baby moved, which was pretty amusing. I'm apparently 60% effaced, which means my cervix is pretty short and the baby's head is really low. The doctor was able to touch it quite easily (which caused BabyBean to jump). The doctor asked, "did you know she was so low?" Uh, yes, I am CONSTANTLY aware of that! The doctor said that means that labor could go much faster this time, so not to hold off too long on going to the hospital, especially since if I want an epidural. I don't want it to go THAT fast! I mean, as Tim pointed out, we have so much more to deal with: we have to get Stella handed off to her Baba's, and I'd better have that epidural or else I will not be a happy camper.

Stella's totally sensed something is up. She has been throwing temper tantrums over almost everything. She wants me to do everything for her. She was really difficult yesterday afternoon, but Tim said as soon as I left to go to book club, she was a little angel for him. So obviously she's aware of the fact she's about to have to share her mommy. Sorry, hon, I know it will be an adjustment, but trust me, having a sibling is the best gift we could give you, you guys are going to have a blast! My brother and I of course fought like cats and dogs, but we also were inseparable playmates all through childhood. Besides, how else can you gang up on your parents if you don't have a sibling to do it with?

Tim said last night he realized why neither of us have been getting any sleep. He said I was waking up 4 or 5 times an hour with a gasp and changing positions. He thinks maybe I was having trouble breathing and would move to try and get comfortable. Obviously I have no memory of this, although I do remember not being able to get back to sleep after I woke up from a dream at 5:45am this morning where the doctor told me I'd have to have a c-section and in the dream I was crying and crying. Then I woke up and started thinking I haven't been playing with Stella enough lately and started crying and crying in real life. Hormones! It took me until 7am to fall back asleep, and that was brief before I was awakened by Stella herself at 7:30. And my ability to nap seems to have left me. Yawn!


kelli said...

I can tell you from experience, the *idea* of not having time for an epidural was far more terrifying than the actual process. When it's going that fast, it's all a blur. And recovery was much easier without the meds.

don't get me wrong, I think you should totally have one if you want it. :) but if it turns out not to be an option, it will be okay too.

Kate said...

I am with you about siblings. I can't imagine my life without mine. =)

I think Stella will do much better when it's adjusting to a new baby she can see and kiss rather than just an unidentifiable "something" that's changing. Okay, isn't that true of most of us? ;)

Tara said...

I thought I could contain myself, but apparently I can't. I have to admit that everytime I read "Poking the Bear" I can't help but think that it sounds like a euphemism; Then I snicker like a Jr High student.

Anna said...

The last few weeks of being pregnant while taking care of your oldest are hard. But, it will be over soon. Trust me! You can do it, Stella is going to be an awesome big sister. I know its hard to soak up that quality time with Stella when you've got a bowling ball sitting on your bladder. Just try to enjoy the calm before the storm!

Yvonne said...

Where are you having your baby? I've heard that at least some hospitals in Austin won't give you an epidural if you're past 6 cm dilated. I had my daughter in Dallas and at Baylor they would give you one at any point, as long as they had time to get the IV/fluid in.