Friday, March 06, 2009

Stella's new cute habit

Stella has started reading books to herself. It is SOOOOO cute! She'll sit there and turn the pages and tell the story. She just finished recounting Pinnocchio and then started saying, "Thank you God for people and puppets!" over and over. I guess at least she's grateful;) She travels around with a large stack of my old little golden books and plops them down wherever she is (here she's in our bed), and starts reading. It's adorable! So glad we're raising another obsessive reader, it runs in both our families.
I have so much to do today it's not even funny! Tomorrow Tim's sisters are throwing me a baby shower luncheon and Sunday morning we're having Stella's birthday party since everyone is in town. Also, that way we don't have to worry about cancelling it if BabyBean comes early. So we have lots of family coming in town tomorrow. I'd better get cracking on cleaning and we've got to go out and order Stella's cake! It's her first store-bought cake, but we're trying to take the laid back route to this party since the weekend will already be busy. Less time prepping for the party, more time enjoying people's company!

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Kate said...

Too cute! I think it was inevitable.