Sunday, March 15, 2009

I was promised nice weather!

At some point, at least the last time I checked the forecast for today, we were supposed to be done with this wet, cold weather and be back into the 70's and dry today. I woke up this morning cold and I could see through a space in the curtains that it was wet. Drat! I KNOW we need the rain, but really, isn't 4 days enough? Cold and wet is a very bad combination when you have an almost 3-year old because you can't take them outside. And without being able to take them outside, you quickly run out of activities to keep them busy. Also, my remaining fitting maternity clothes are skirts (well and one very saggy pair of jeans that drive me crazy), so I need the temperature to creep up a bit. I was going to finally get around to taking pictures of us as a family in the backyard this morning before the dagnabbit weather interfered.


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