Sunday, March 08, 2009

BIG Weekend

Yesterday was my absolutely fabulous shower and today was Stella's absolutely fabulous birthday party. So now I am sitting here just getting pictures uploaded and relaxing. I am very proud of myself for just sitting here when there are so many things to be done:) My mother was wonderful enough to clean up after the party before she left, though, so I have a lot less on my plate!

I am so relieved to have this weekend over. I have had a wonderful time, but I've been absolutely paranoid that the baby would arrive before we got these two events knocked out. Now that they are out of the way, I can breathe easy knowing I'm more ready. Okay, I still don't have a bag packed, but now I have time to do that! We've been especially paranoid this weekend, since I've been having contractions every 10 minutes or so since Friday evening. Last night I even had some painful, closer together ones and was really getting worried. But I guess I'm just going to have to live with this until the baby gets here! On the plus side, hopefully these contractions are working towards making my labor a shorter one. But I'm really hoping I don't have to endure constant contractions for the next 3 weeks! My incredible sisters who organized and pulled off the whole thing. Thanks guys!

Stella's birthday party was this morning, and although I don't recommend planning a child's birthday party for 10am the day that you have to "Spring Forward", I think a great time was had by all.
The theme was obviously Hello Kitty (selected by Stella) and we had the most wrong looking cupcake cake:
You would not BELIEVE the amount of icing they put on this thing! It was delicious, though, and Stella picked it out and was very happy.

We had a pinata, which Stella enjoyed, but Henry and Daniel wanted nothing to do with.
It was one stubborn pinata and just about the time I thought we'd have to take it down and get out a hacksaw, Jeff beheaded it.
The kids scored themselves castanets, bells, dinosaurs and a little bit of candy. Then it was time to sing happy birthday!

Stella made out like a bandit. Just see the aftermath for yourself:
Well, Stella's awake after a long and must needed nap, so I think we may leave the toys where they fell and go shopping!

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Kate said...

I love that picture of Stella going after the pinata. =)