Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quick Theatre Post

I have lots to post about our busy, super fun weekend, but first I just quickly have to post this quote from Wallace Shawn:

"But the reality is that I have the theatre gene. I really like going to plays. And I really love watching actors. If there are five people on stage and one of them is giving a wonderful performance, I’m pretty happy. "

That is me. So all you people who hear me bitching about horrible plays and wonder why I still go, it's because sometimes I go see a "Brats of Clarence" or a "Lonesome West" and the pants are entertained off me and I fall in love all over again. People don't go see one bad movie and decide never to see another one, do they? And I can usually find at least one entertaining morsel even in the most horrible play. Or at least I think it will make a great story later;)

The whole interview is here and I found it from the Wallace Shawn worshipping Rubber Rep's blog here. The interview mentions Shawn's "The Designated Mourner", which when Rubber Rep did it several years ago was definitely one of those transformative theatre experiences. Hopefully they'll bring it back one day!


RMatney said...

Thank you so much. You warm the cockles of our hearts with your support of Brats (particularly after the licking we just took over at Austinist).

Much affection to you and yours. See you soon!

RMatney said...

Btw - your blog lead me to read all the news over at Rubber Rep which probably would have sailed under my radar if you hadn't talked about it and linked it. So thanks a million.