Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Went Shopping!

I went shopping this afternoon while Stella stayed with Baba and got some great new clothes, all super on sale. Of course, I really shouldn't be shopping (as in spending money), but when you desperately need clothes, sometimes you just have to go for it. I'm tired of spending every penny on the house, that's no fun! Besides, in one sense I actually saved money. I needed a shaper to wear under my bridesmaid's dress because it's satiny shiny fabric and fits tightly right at my midsection so it's like a neon arrow pointing at my post-baby pooch. The lady at David's Bridal said I could use Spanx. But have you seen how much those things are? SIXTY-TWO DOLLARS! No way, Jose'. I'll just add a giant rhinestone belt to my midsection and highlight my pooch. Maybe I could get it engraved with "POOCH" in pink crystals. That'd be classy. And cheaper.

So I went to JCPenney to look at their shapers and found one that was $21, a third of what Spanx are and I figured it would work at least a third as well. Then I got to the check-out and it was only $5. Score! So I figure I have at least $15 extra to spend on me, right? Penney's had an incredible clearance sale so I got 2 dressy tops and two new tank tops for $8.99 each. Then I FINALLY found some capris at Macy's, also on sale. I was starting to worry those things had gone out of fashion and I'd have to wear jeans all summer and die from the heat. 'Cause I don't wear shorts unless it's an emergency. Luckily, these are Levi's "Curvy Fit" Capris and look pretty damn awesome. Then I went all over the mall trying to find a denim skirt, but couldn't find anything other than skorts or those Junior's minis that are really just a skirt version of cheerleader panties. But I did find a pair of cute little silver shoes to wear with my bridesmaid's dress. They have just a tiny little heel so they're actually comfortable too. Double score! They're open-toed and have a little bow. I plan to paint my toenails to match my dress. Just in case anyone notices my feet. Maybe it will distract from my POOCH;)

Then I headed over to Target because I was still needing a black skirt and/or a denim miniskirt. No dice on the denim, but I found a couple of cute a-line knee length skirts super cheap; one black and one grey. I also bought a pair of shorts because sometimes you have to break down and wear those and they were cheap. AND, and this is going to shock you, I actually bought a pair of LEGGINGS! They were only $6.99 they had little sparklies in them, and they will make me feel less scandalous in a dress I already own that's a little on the short side and has a bad habit of flying up in the wind. 80's revival, here I come!

Now I must go get ready to go to the Long Center and see The Rude Mech's Method Gun, which from all accounts is supposed to be better than the Second Coming. Let's hope so, because it's been a while since I've seen a Rudes show that I wasn't severely disappointed with!

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Kate said...

Good for you for getting some new duds.

I think you should get the pink rhinestone belt with your ghetto nickname on it. Very classy.

I got my shaper from Target. Maybe Spanx are magical, but I can't afford magic. I'll settle for a shell game.