Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post of Randomness, Completely out of order

Stella and I finally rode the train around Zilker park this morning (The Zilker Zephyr). What a blast! Stella was very quiet and still; I think she was just taking everything in. That's Stella's buddy Jake in the background. His Mom Debbie and I talked about all sorts of stuff on the train. Like the fact that her friend conceived a BABY on the train in Zilker. I may be a prude but I cannot even imagine the logistics of this. Of course, the parents were teenagers at the time, which explains a lot;) We went to the park Monday evening and I got this picture of Tim and Stella swinging. It is definitely one of my top favorite all time of the two of them together, and it's even cuter in sepia:
We also got Stella a haircut last Friday and the little hispanic lady who cut her hair was so sweet. She kept talking about how beautiful Stella was and calling her "Stellina", which I absolutely adore. My father called me his "little chalupa" when I was little (I was born in the Valley) so I have a soft spot for Spanish-y nicknames. I also loved how she'd slip in and out of English/Spanish. Like she'd say, "Okay, I'm going to cut her bangs tambien." I like it when that happens because I actually feel like those years in Spanish were not a waste, I know what she's talking about! (BTW, that's a really simple sentence. She would just slip in and out of Spanish totally absentmindedly. I found it charming, which may be totally condescending, but I don't intend it that way!)

All 34 pounds, 97th percentile, 36 inches, 90th percentile of Stella in a bucket (we had her two year check-up last week):

I cannot BELIEVE I have not posted about THE social event of the season, no the year, no the decade, Tara and Jeff's wedding! Wow, what a great time. At the rehearsal dinner I got drunker than I ever have in my entire life and then proceded to have the worst hangover of my entire life Saturday. That sort of sucked. I was not drinking Saturday, which distressed Tara's Stepmom Iza, so I of course had to partake in some of the champagne she had delivered to the bridal suite. Her family adopted me after I totally ate it Friday night (completely sober, btw), while walking in my slippery sandals on the slippery asphalt. And Tara wore, definitively, the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever seen. Seriously, I actually loved it more than my own. Tara's family especially was really impressed by how close all of us clowns are. And we try to avoid getting too mushy most of the time, but yes, we all love each other and it's pretty damn special to have so many people who you know have your back. And you have theirs. And it was such an incredible honor to stand up for them and witness the most natural thing in the entire world. Watching two people who are so perfect for each other officially pledge their lives to each other. Amazing.

Welcome to marriage, Tara and Jeff, it's a pretty awesome thing.


K in the Mirror said...

so many fun things in this post! LOVE the last picture of you and Tim and also the one swinging.

On the train? Really? Does seem a logistical nightmare.

Jonathon Morgan said...

it's very exciting to hear that you made to the train. potentially one of the best kid-friendly activities in austin.

Kate said...

I agree-- I love that one of you guys at the end. And the one on the swing. =) I'm with Kelli, even horny teenagers would have a hard time doing that, but otherwise the train sounds like fun.

Um, when you say that someone has an amazing dress, you should post more pictures, larger pictures... =)

Kate said...

Oh, oh, oh! And I love the sunglasses! I always want to be stylish like you!