Thursday, April 17, 2008

Incredibly adorable Stella Moments

A couple of incredibly cute Stella moments from today, one sweet, one bittersweet. Stella pulled out one of my old diaper bags today and was walking around with it over her head (or rather over most of her entire body because it was so large). Unfortunately I did not get a photo. But she eventually wanted me to help her get it off and when I did a bunch of old stuff like tissues, fossilized gum, etc, fell out. Also, one of her old clips that attached her binky to her clothing fell out. Stella was like, "binky!" immediately. I told her, yes, you used to use that when you were a baby to keep your pacifiers attached to you, but we don't need it anymore and that we should put it away. And she said, "for baby sister!" I was astounded, she is so smart. (And no, there is no bun in the Thomas oven.)
Then this evening we were feeding Lucy and Punky and she came back to get a second cup of dog food to put in the second bowl (which we no longer have out because it was Roxie's). And so I said, no, we only need one cup of food and she said was adamant about getting another cup, kind of whined a little and said, "Roxie's food." (Of course, she says "Doxie") Oh, man, I have been dealing so well today, but that just made me cry. I scooped her up and said, in a very shaky voice, "No, Stella, Roxie's in heaven now and doesn't need food anymore." Stella got her very sad face and held onto me very tightly for a moment and then I said, "Let's get Punky's food." Which she did and moved on. But it was so sad.

Speaking of sad, Tim has a wonderful post about Roxie over at his blog.


Jooley Ann said...

Tim's post is wonderful, though I can't stop crying. I'm so sorry for y'all. I hope the hurt heals very soon.

Kate said...

I'm so sad for you guys.

Stella is the sweetest kid ever. She'll be a good sister some day.

K in the Mirror said...

I'm so sorry.

And I agree with Kate- Stella sounds like she'll make a great sister. :) I can't believe I still haven't met her.

Caroline said...

Roxy certainly chose the right driveway to walk up.