Monday, March 24, 2008

My Baby's Two!

Stella turned two years old today. Actually she turns two officially in 7 hours because she wasn't born until 11pm. It's amazing how quickly time passes. But she just gets more and more fun everyday. I love watching her play make-believe with her toys. It's the biggest kick in the world to watch her run around the house full-speed pushing her dolls in a stroller or to play "nap nap" with her, where she insists I lay down and she'll cover me with blankets, give me a teddy bear to cuddle with, etc. I love it when I can understand her and get exactly what she wants, compared to a year ago when I had to guess between pointing and head-nodding. I love the fact that she hugs me and says "I love you" and can say "Mommy, where are you?" or "Here you go, Mommy!" when she hands me something. We get to run around and dance together and be silly together and she even sings, which is the best. I even see her sharing with her friends sometimes, and when she says "Please" and "thank you" unprompted, I'm the proudest Momma on the block. I had no clue what being a Momma would be like a year ago when I was in excruciating pain watching the saline drip anxiously because when it was done I got my epidural. All I was focused on was the birth, not the baby. And when they finally handed me that wet, tiny, beautiful bundle, I wasn't prepared for the emotion that meeting my Stella welled up in me. The intense tears of joy as I instantly fell head over heels in love with my new daughter. She's the greatest gift God has ever given me and I continue to learn from her everyday.

Okay, you guys know I don't do sap well, so enough of that;)
Saturday we had a kick-ass birthday party for her complete with Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Stella would pick up an egg and then immediately have to open it to find out what was inside. We kept her hopped up on sugar all day long. She received an embarassment of riches in the presents department, but what we really feel fortunate about is that she just might be the most loved girl on earth. There were so many family members and friends that were there to sing to her and hug her and share this special milestone with us.
Saturday night we went to see the Bedlam Faction's new show, The Brats of Clarence. It was great fun and it was so awesome to see those crazy cats back on stage again. Afterwards, they had Beer and delicious Bratwurst out in the parking lot. We stayed until way past curfew chatting with great people we hadn't talked to in what seemed like forever and toasting their return to Austin theatre. Welcome back, Bedlam!
Brock and Franklin attend to the all-important Brats

Sunday we went to church earlier than we would have liked and Stella had another Easter Egg Hunt there. It was crazy, there were eggs everywhere and all three of us got totally hopped up on sugar again. Then we had brunch at Katz's, home for a nap, and then back out to Anna and Sean's for a delicious Easter Feast. Back home again we watched a horrible movie called Southland Tales. Seriously, it is awful, avoid it at all costs. It was a steaming pile of crap and was longer (I swear) than the envelope said it was supposed to be, so I got to bed late and was in a bad mood because I wasted my Sunday evening on a horrible movie. This morning we hosted playgroup to celebrate Stella's birthday and everyone had a great time. The new slide from Stella's MeMe and Pappy was a huge hit and surprisingly violence did not erupt in the line to use it. I'm never happier in my backyard than when there is a mess of kids back there running around and I get see the look of pure joy on their faces. I don't think children have ever lived here before and this yard was made for them! Guess I have no choice but to make more;)

Look, she's sharing! (With buddy John David)


K in the Mirror said...

Oh, she's getting so big! Adorable.

Funny, I was thinking about two lines before how you said you don't do sap, "wow, she always says she doesn't do sap, but this is pretty sappy and sweet!" :)

See, you've got it in you after all.

K in the Mirror said...

And oh, I haven't seen a picture of you since you hit goal- you look great!

yer mama said...

Stella's party was so rocking that Henry is still talking about it. He also wants to give her more presents but I told him he would have to get a job to pay for them. ;-)

Kate said...

Thanks for the pictures! You guys all look great. Stella is so freaking cute! Mom called me the other day and left a message with Stella talking. I nearly died. =)

Jooley Ann said...

Aw!! Congratulations on one ADORABLE two year old!! Yay! :)

RMatney said...

Congrats on Stella's birthday! And thanks for coming out to the play. It was great to see you and Tim there.

Caroline said...

You did an awesome job planning Stella's party (I assume you did most of the planning). You kept both the adults and the kids happy and occupied. I thought the egg hunt divided into areas for each kid was real genius (more violence avoidance)! And it was so fun for this adult in particular to watch them hunt eggs, and eat cake, and just be the most adorable little people ever!