Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So Over Potty Training

Really. Seriously. Because it is not Potty Training, so much as Stella sitting there on her seat on the big potty while Mommy reads to her for 30-45 minutes every couple of days. A fellow Mommy in Stella's playgroup had great success with her little boy and the 3-day Potty Training System. So we're going to try that, (actually, I have to be sure Daddy is on board too!), although first we have to hide the potty for 30 days so that we can start from scratch. Apparently the woman who has this system says that one of the biggest problems with other potty training methods is that children start to see it is as toy. Amen, sister! It's confusing to them. So Ashley's letting us borrow some cloth diapers and we're going back to those for the next month, then we'll try the 3-day system and please oh please maybe we'll be done with this by Memorial Day!

You know, it's not even that I care about changing diapers that much, it's just that we cancelled the diaper service and I hate piling up all these disposables, and I don't want to draw the process out forever. I want to be done with it!

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yer mama said...

3 days you say? Where do I sign up? I guess I need to hide the potty.