Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop Peeing!

I am sick of cleaning up Roxie's pee. Truly sick. This morning we had 3 new puddles. And one of them was quite an amazing one in the dining room that ran all along the grout of about 6 tiles and was just everywhere. Another one was in the living room, which is BAD because that's hardwood. We do NOT want to ruin the hardwood. I think she peed like 5 times yesterday. At night, I understand, because we leave her out or else she will bark and make us wake up to let her out, but during the day, it's like WE'RE RIGHT THERE! I've decided that today I will put her out every 30 minutes in the hopes of avoiding accidents. Although I'm not too confident it will work. Or that I will remember. Tim suggested pee pads this morning and I think I'm going to go get some of those tomorrow. No clue if they will work, but I am willing to try at this point.

I try to be patient because if you haven't seen Roxie lately, she is really bad off. She has trouble walking and she is really really skinny. We are feeding her a commercial dog food that she seems to have an easier time eating than the Science Diet, which we ran out of, so maybe that will fatten her up. Although hopefully it won't cause a return of her tummy troubles. She is such a sensitive dog. And she really needs a haircut, but I can't imagine taking her to the groomers as skinny as she is, they'd probably call the Humane Society on me!

I don't mean to be insensitive, it really does break my heart to see her like this. I dread the day when I find that she hasn't woken up. Although perhaps I'm fooling myself to think it will be that peaceful. We honestly worried a bit at my parent's ranch that she'd wander off and go die somewhere there. She wandered really far away and my father had to go track her down on his Mule (not the animal, the vehicle). I just don't want her to have a dragged out prolonged death or any suffering, you know?

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go mop the floor. Again.


Tara said...

Yeah that's the suck. I understand all the emotions that you're going through. I know it's really frustrating, but you guys have been great to Roxie. She's been lucky to have such patient caring parents to watch after her, so don't beat yourself up for being upset with the pee. It's got to be tough to watch her go through this, but you're doing right by her.

Kate said...

I agree. It's okay to be upset about the pee. It's also okay to be sad and worried about what this means for Roxie.

Tilly sends kisses